Cake Designs Trending in 2022

You don’t need an occasion for eating a cake. You can order it at any time and that day would be a celebration. Though there are endless reasons to order online cake delivery in Ahmedabad, you can still go for it without any reason. In recent times the cakes have gotten more popular because of the variety in which they are available. There are many designs and decorations which are loved but the taste is also important. So while you are checking this blog for designs don’t Forget to figure out your favorite flavor first which will change the game for you. 

Cake Half Wrapped in Cream

The cream is the essence of the cake. It gives it the taste, the softness and the designing opportunities also take place with cream only. But in recent times there are some cake designs trending that are not entirely wrapped in cream. They are only wrapped from the lower side of the cake. It gives a chance to use two colors and gives it an illusion of shape. In this design, you can pick two different designs on two sections of this cake. 

Naked Cake

With the name itself, you can understand what a naked cake is. Just like we discussed in the previous section how the cream is important for the cake but in the naked cake, the cake is not covered properly with the cream on the outer side. In this cake design, the cream is mostly in between the layers of cake. The cream on the outer side is either only spread a little through which you can still see the bread or not spread at all. 

Rainbow Cake

The rainbow cake got very hyped up during the lockdown period and apart from the professional others are also trying out this cake. In the Rainbow cake the icing on the outside can be either of different colors or not that is the customer’s choice. But on the inside, the cake has seven colors. All these cakes of different colors are layered onto one another and then cut to look like a rainbow. 

Textured Cream Cake

Textured cakes are now considered one of the classics. It has started to become a wedding staple these days. It looks very elegant and goes with almost all kinds of wedding decors and you can work with the cream colors and the flavors too. Ok, in the textured cake the cream is spread in a rough way. It is not neat and the spread can be seen in a texture which is why it is named textured cake. 


No matter how many cake designs come and go but one cake design will remind you there are cupcakes. Cupcakes are popular at every age, party, and occasion. They are the loveliest in looks and even while handling. You can serve it easily to a bigger crow without making any mess and are the best option for a kid’s birthday party. But in this trend, the cupcakes are also served at the wedding and actually are part of the ceremony. 

Sponge Cake

One cake which has the least hassle is simple and some might even call it boring but it still has managed to stay on the list is the sponge cake. It is also called dry cake. Sponge cakes are basic but tasty. Some love it because of its simplicity. Some don’t love it because of its simplicity and absence of cream. But no matter what the opinion is, it is still a popular choice. You might be thinking about the decorations. Well, they are done with different ingredients which are used for it like Dry fruits, fruits, syrups on top while baking. These items give it a subtle yet lovely look. 

Final Words

Cakes are always a delight for everyone. Whether it is a birthday or a wedding it will stay incomplete without a cake. You can find many varieties of cakes in the market which are not only good in design but also in taste. If you are also in search of such cakes then you should buy bakingo cakes online which have a great variety. All the above-listed designs of cake are wonderful but it actually depends on your personal preference which one you should order regardless of the trend. This can also be affected by the occasion for which you are ordering. 

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