There are tons of information on the Internet about nailing the job interview. People suggest various approaches, focus on different aspects, and explain how to ace any interview on Earth. Yet, people tend to make mistakes during conversations with potential employers and decrease their chances to land their dream job. To help people avoid these unfortunate mistakes, specialists from Jooble, a leading job search engine worldwide, have prepared sound advice on how to nail your interview and get a long-awaited full-time job. 

Prepare for the interview

It’s as simple as that. Research information on the company you’re applying for. Discover some information on its founders and management. Just surf it via LinkedIn, social media channels of the company (such as Facebook or Instagram) or articles on professional resources. By impressing interviewers with your knowledge of company activities, goals, and vision, you will make them remember you. 

The next step is to dive into the job description and analyze how your skills and experience meet the requirements. Be ready to provide examples of how you managed problems in your previous workplaces. Interviewers appreciate it if you specify solutions you apply to handle obstacles. It shouldn’t be about telling what people in front of you want to hear. However, if you manage to present your skills and knowledge in a favorable light, you will increase your chances of getting your dream job. Don’t forget to check your internet connection, if your ip address doesn’t give you a connection to the meeting you can try with another proxy server.

Don’t hesitate to ask people working for the chosen company. Details matter. There might be some traps and pitfalls potential employers prepare for the candidates. Show your readiness and make interviewers think of you after the conversation is over. 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

This part of the interview often remains overlooked. Candidates and recruiters are exhausted with the conversation, and questions don’t always seem necessary. You may even forget the ones that crossed your mind during the conversation. However, asking questions means showing you are interested in the vacancy and ready to clarify things on the spot. To ensure you won’t get lost, prepare some questions in advance. A proactive position is always welcome. 

You may specify salary expectations, company culture matters, and even ask about people who worked in your position before. Adjust to the situation and filter the prepared questions. Don’t make up two or three of them. Use your imagination or surf various employment resources. 

You may specify salary expectations, company culture matters, and even ask about people who worked in your position before. Adjust to the situation and filter the prepared questions. Don’t limit yourself to a couple of inquiries.  If you struggle to make them up,  there are many ready-made solutions on various job search resources. 

Asking smart questions help open that you are an open-minded person who pays attention to details. If a good question crosses your mind in the middle of the interview, don’t hesitate to mark it somehow in your notebook and ask later. A responsible approach and readiness to clarify things on the spot are valuable for employers. 

Prepare yourself for a small talk

The interview may start earlier than you think. Greeting people in the office, accepting coffee, and waiting until you enter the meeting room can also be parts of the interviewing process. People act differently when they talk to the potential boss and to other staff of the company. Be nice to everyone you meet. It can be your future colleagues. Master your communicative skills. Even if your position doesn’t require you to be a social butterfly, don’t ignore this personality trait. Networking is a must. So, don’t brush off the necessity to discuss plain things with people interviewing you. 

Looking for a full-time job is never easy, so is undergoing numerous interviews. It’s a time-consuming process. Yet, if you prepare yourself for the conversation and show you know what you are going to do in the chosen position, your chances to get an offer skyrocket.

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