Boost your self-confidence with Elevator Shoes

Elevator Shoes are shoes designed with a thick layer placed between the insole and outsole of the shoe to increase the height of the person wearing them – making them appear elevated (taller). Their height increase normally ranges between 2-5 inches (depending on the style and design of the shoe), and it is designed in such a way that makes people looking at you believe they are regular shoes.

The height of the elevator shoes you choose is solely in your hands – according to your preference. They are comfortable, providing a number of benefits believed to be the ones causing them to be the most preferred shoes.

What are the Benefits of Elevator Shoes?

  1. Elevator Shoes boost your confidence.

Height often affects most people’s self-confidence, especially in a society where shorter people are looked down on or considered unattractive. An example can be a society that believes taller men are more attractive than shorter men or whereby shorter people believe taller people are lucky or get more opportunities than them. But with the height increase provided by the elevator shoes, shorter people can boost their self-confidence and be confident with themselves around others.

Being able to stand at the same height as the people you are with or even taller than them is believed to improve self-confidence.

  1. Elevator Shoes increase your height.

Have you ever felt like, “I wish I could be a little bit taller or be able to do this by myself without depending on someone taller than me?”

That is where elevator shoes come in to make your wish come true by increasing your height with a hidden height increase ranging between 2-5 inches. And the good thing is that no one will notice your secret to your height increase. Isn’t that confidential enough to be happy with your height increase provided by guidomaggi elevator shoes?

  1. Elevator Shoes make you feel comfortable and improve your posture.

Don’t you want to feel comfortable with your shoes and to walk comfortably with confidence? That is what elevator shoes offer you. And unlike other shoes that you wear and complain when you take them off about the pain they caused you, elevator shoes are designed with material that makes them comfortable to wear and walk-in. The increased height improves your posture with your head held high and shoulders upright – looking firm and confident. The more comfortable, firm, and confident you are, the more you are happy with yourself and be productive in what you do without feeling like – I wish I could take these shoes off.


We all want to be confident with ourselves, we want to be comfortable with what we are wearing, we want to be happy around others without feeling insecure, we want to be respected and don’t want others to look down on us, and we want to be able to do things for ourselves without relying on others. These are the benefits of elevator shoes.

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