The Top Ten Best Things England Has Done At The World Cup

Cricket is a sport that was made in England and is usually played by older men. It took the team 44 years before they could finally bring a trophy home. They have never won the title game, even though they have played it three times. At the end of the 2019 season, which was full of exciting events, they were named the winners in cricket Samachar.

1. The 2019 Finals

No competition has ever been more interesting than this one. The winner of the game wasn’t decided until the last ball was hit. When they (New) got to go up to bat first, they got 241 points. Ben Stokes was England’s last chance before the score was tied and he was out. Early in the game, England lost a lot of wickets. It was given in a way that no one had ever seen before. Martin Guptill was out on the last ball, but the game was already over because the score was tied at 15. England won because its team scored one more boundary than New Zealand’s team. It seems like a choice that has a big imbalance. Stokes got the Most Valuable Player award for the match for his brave 84 runs not out (98).

2. 1979 Semi-Final against NZ

England and New Zealand have played against each other many times in the World Cup’s history, and some of those games have become legendary. In a tournament, these different groups were put up against each other. England won in large part because Graham Gooch scored 71 runs quickly off of 82 balls. Mike Hendrick led the bowling attack. He took three wickets during the game.

3. 1987 Semi-Final against India

When this sentence was written, the place where cricket began had not yet won its first championship. In 1987, India, the team that had won the tournament the year before, played England in the semifinals. To put this into perspective, Graham Gooch got 115 runs after hitting 136 balls. He was also given the award for the most valuable player. Eddie Hemmings was always able to get an Indian batter out when they were trying to make a partnership. On that night, he was able to take four wickets. The final score of the game was 254–202, which meant that England won.

4. 1987 Final against Australia

There has never been a World Cup match where the winner was decided at the last minute. Even though England lost by seven runs, it was still great to watch this match. Allan Reach, the team’s captain, Bill Athey, and everyone else who could have helped tie the score did their best, but Australia was just a little bit better. England got a total of 246 runs throughout their innings.

5. 2019 Group stage match against Afghanistan

When they played against Afghanistan, England got their best innings to score ever. They got 397 points, which is a very good score. For his 148 runs, Eoin Morgan only had to hit 71 balls. Johnny Bairstow got a score of 90 out of a possible 99 in the end. Joe Root’s quick 88 runs were also very important in deciding who would win the game. Afghanistan had only scored 247 runs when the game was called after 50 overs.

6. 2011 Group stage match against India

For a game in the World Cup, the result of this match was a bit of a surprise. Even so, India was able to score a respectable number of runs. By the time the last ball was bowled, England and India were tied. There was no extra for overs bowled. The total number of runs scored by both teams was 338. Andrew Strauss was thought to be the best player in the game because he got 158 runs while facing 138 balls.

7. 2007 Group Stage match against West Indies

It was the final match of the 2007 Super Eight tournament. Michael Vaughan won the coin toss, so it was up to him to decide whether to bat or field first. During the match, the West Indies team scored more than 300 runs. Kevin Pietersen, who is thought to be England’s most talented young player, got a century. Because of him, they were able to keep in touch, and he gave them a reason to believe in themselves. In addition, Vaughan made a big difference by scoring 79 runs.

8. 1992 Semi Finals against South Africa

You can’t say that England won the game by a huge amount. South Africa went away from cricket for a long time, but when they came back, they did well. The proteas were chosen to be the first ones to fight. When the game was called off because of bad weather, England had a good score of 252 runs for six wickets. Graeme Hick (83 of 90) and Alec Stewart were responsible for most of the runs (33 of 54). During the protean innings, the rain was another thing that hurt the performance. When DLS was put into place, they had to get 22 runs while using only one ball. Even though England won, it’s hard to say for sure who would have won if it hadn’t rained.

9. 2019 Group stage match against Bangladesh

In 2019, cricket in England had one of its best seasons ever. During the group stage, they did well in most of the games they played. They won in every way against Bangladesh, which was a strong opponent. Jason Roy was the star of the night. He scored 153 runs while facing only 122 balls. The Most Valuable Player award went to him in the end because he got the most votes. 

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