Creepy Animated Movies to Watch With Your Family This Halloween

Most of the time animated movies are written off as kids-only. However, there are some masterpieces out there that flawlessly manage to entertain audiences of all ages. But when it comes to the horror genre, it can get a bit complicated to make a movie kid-friendly while also giving you heebie-jeebies, at the same time. Not anymore, because this Halloween, you can finally stream creepy animated films with your entire fam, without worrying about your kid getting scared the entire rest of the night. 

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It is finally time to draw the curtains on your windows and check under the bed for any monsters because we are about to walk you through some of the creepy animated films you can watch with your family this Halloween. 

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

It is still up for debate whether this classic can be counted as a Halloween movie or Christmas but there is no denying that The Nightmare Before Christmas is an amazing combination of both these best times of the year. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas follows Jack Skellington, who is a beloved pumpkin king of Halloweentown. However, suddenly one day he stumbled on Christmastown and finds it way more exciting than his hometown. Jack plans to bring Christmas to Halloweentown but it is not later that he discovers things can go south pretty quickly when you try to plot something of this magnitude. 

  1. Corpse Bride (2005)

Tim Burton can never go wrong with his production and Corpse Bride is proof. This stop-motion animated musical fantasy film should be on a watch-list of everyone. With gorgeous animation, a stellar cast, and impressive music, Corpse Bride can be considered a perfect light family entertainment film. 

The movie follows the story of Victor and Emily (the corpse bride). Victor is about to marry Victoria but accidentally marries a corpse while practicing his vows in the woods. Emily – the corpse bride – takes him to the Land of Dead to set things right. 

  1. Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Okay, we have to admit – Hotel Transylvania is probably one of the reasons why we all have such a big crush on Andy Samberg. I mean, who can even resist his goofy and charming personality of Johnny? We sure can’t!

Hotel Transylvania is a lavish hotel founded by Count Dracula for all the monsters who want a getaway place. This place has a strict no-humans policy. But one weekend, on the 118th birthday of Dracula’s daughter Mavis, something unexpected happens. Johnny, an ordinary human enters the resort and crashes the party. But this is not it. Against Dracula’s will, Johnny and Mavis end up falling in love with each. 

Can Dracula accept a human as his son-in-law? Or will he have to devise a plan to make Johnny leave Hotel Transylvania?

  1. Monsters University (2013)

Monsters Inc. and Monsters University continue to be fan-favorite even after all these years. People cannot get over the magic the iconic duo – Mike and Sulley – bring to your screen. Halloween is all about monsters, ghouls, ghosts, and whatnot and this movie gives you all of this but with good laughs. 

Mike has always dreamt of becoming a Scarer. To make this dream come true, he gets admission to Monsters University, where he meets his future best friend Sulley; a natural-born scarer. What started as a rivalry between them gradually turns into a beautiful friendship when both of them get kicked out of MU’s elite Scare Program. But to save their future, Mike and Sulley have to work together so they can prove their abilities. 

To Sum Up 

Halloween is finally here and this calls for a creepy animated movie that you can watch with your entire fam. So, check out the ones we have mentioned in this article and start streaming!

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