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Tiktok is a popular social media app launched in 2017 where people can create, edit, sync, and share short videos. Tiktok has become one of the fastest-growing social media apps and was labeled as the most popular app in 2021 against Google and Facebook. Today, TikTok has downloaded more than 2 billion worldwide, 130 million alone in the United States. So why is the whole world so in love with this app? What is so special about TikTok? The answer is it makes your leisure time so wholesome. If you want to know better, you must visit tiktok friends discovermaliktechcrunch to explore more about TikTok.

Features of TikTok

Tiktok provides you with dozens of features to make your day splendid. After the merger with music. Aly, an app similar to TikTok, gained worldwide popularity. It brings something new that wasn’t introduced to gen z. Some cool features you must use in Tiktok are top-notch editing features, video uploading, amazing picture filters, making duets, reacting by writing hilarious comments on other videos, and can live stream anywhere you want or send a geo-location to let your friends know about your place. 

How to use TikTok?

Tiktok is the most engaged social media platform reporting users’ sessions of around 11 minutes on average, with a whopping 1 billion users active on the platform. So how to use Tiktok. How to sign up and be a part of the TikTok family. Well, this is super easy; just go to a search engine or use the os store to download the app, sign up using your credentials, and you are welcome to the TikTok family, as it is free. Make a short or engage with another user to form a duet. Do some special effects after editing and post it on your feed. You can earn followers through your content, leading to more content and a bigger engaged audience. You can control the content you want to watch and can put privacy to ensure who can see you. 

What is a Friends Feature?

TikTok, in an official tweet, has introduced a new feature, ‘friends, ’ which will replace the discover tab from the primary user interface. So what exactly is this feature? Let’s look at how the friends feature works. In the previous interface, there was ‘for you’ where you could watch your followers’ content and randomly personalized content selected by the algorithm. In the new update, you now have ‘friends,’ which will show you the content solely based on the users who have followed you or you have followed them back. It will help users who prefer personalized content rather than trending. The question is, if the ‘for you’ is gone, don’t worry, the ‘for you’ tab is still there, and you can enjoy both modes depending on your choice. To know more about other TikTok features, you must visit to tiktok friends discovermaliktechcrunch get the latest updates.

Join the community now!

So why are you waiting? Just grab your phone, make a TikTok account, and start vibing with the rest of the world by uploading entertaining shorts. 

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