What Is CS: GO Prime Account?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is a global eSports game that has gained immense popularity in the online gaming platform. It is adventurous, well-designed, and has depth. The game is highly competitive, addictive, and immersive. CSGO is a first-person shooter game, and players require more than quick reflexes and gun skills to play it. It was released in 2012, but developers have tweaked it now and then to lead CSGO into the modern gaming age. These tweaks have helped maintain and increase the user base, contributing to the colossal eSports movement. CSGO is thus significantly expanding its fanbase and gaming community to date.


In CSGO, gamers must successfully conquer various levels to be in top shape. The game depends on tactics, skills, and communication. CS: GO became free to play a few years ago and is still going strong. Before this update, those users who had purchased CSGO received an automatic update to ”Prime” status. New players can upgrade to Prime if they purchase the Prime Status Upgrade. They can also buy CSGO gold nova prime accounts. It is the highest-selling account and the common rank open to multiple users.


What Is Prime Status?

In CSGO, prime status refers to a feature that typically deals with the competitive aspect of this online game. Because of the CS: GO ‘Danger Zone’ update, the non-Prime user before the CS: GO free-to-play model are now elevated to Prime status. The free-to-play players can also choose to purchase Prime status. They can either buy the Prime account or obtain it by leveling up their CS: GO profile to the Lieutenant’s rank, rank 21. This rank is entirely a separate rank from the player’s competitive ranking.

Elevating to the Prime status allows players to match up against those players who have a Prime account. Valve had introduced the Prime account as an experiment to figure out if gamers would compete better against similar gamers with Prime status.


Why should you buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

CS: GO players who desire to play ranked matchmaking need to have a Prime Status account. It is because this gaming mode is not available for Non-Prime accounts. Some of the popular benefits of a Prime account are:

  • Competitive Gameplay: Counter-Strike demands a high level of skills and sound knowledge about the gameplay. Besides the various spray patterns, crosshair settings, bomb planting, defusion, and weapons, players must also have a comprehensive understanding of the game’s economy. The possession of these inherent skills is crucial to survive and thrive. Only through regular practice can players obtain these skills. Purchasing a CSGO prime account allows them to match and play with skilled players, improving their capabilities.
  • More Trustworthy: Valve has introduced a Prime account to improve the overall CS: GO matchmaking system and effectively combat the ongoing cheating scenarios that plague this game. Thus, gamers who use the Prime account are more trustworthy. CSGO without a Prime account is mainly plagued with cheaters and Smurfs. Thus, CSGO Prime helps stop the influx of these accounts that can otherwise destroy a player’s matchmaking experience. Unlocking Prime account matchmaking can be a game-changer since it helps to effectively fight smurfs and other cheaters who use low-tier accounts without Prime Status. Hence, the Prime account is a deterrence against hackers while reshuffling players simultaneously to their appropriate skill level.
  • Exciting Skins And Maps: Prime account provides players access to a wide range of skins and maps. In CSGO, almost all the varieties of weapons have several skins. Ak-47 has the most expensive skin. Among the gaming community, these exclusive skins hold immense value. It symbolizes expertise and authority, thus distinguishing between Prime and non-prime players.
  • Profession And Tactical User Experience: Prime matchmaking helps you battle against fellow players relatively close to your skill level. It helps you pair with professional players across both national and global levels. Prime matchmaking is thus the right way to practice and develop tactical skills. It improves the chance of an “even” match.
  • Access to all servers: In addition, players who decide to buy Prime can join and use all the community’s servers (including the VAC-secure).
  • Additional bonuses: Prime account also unlock various bonuses and in-game items. Thus, only players with Prime can get souvenirs, skins, and mailboxes.


What to consider when purchasing CSGO Prime Account?

You need to consider various factors when buying a CSGO Prime account. You must check if the concerned Prime account is authentic or not. Determine the speed of delivery that acts as a major factor in ensuring its legitimacy. Consider its affordability, and you can compare its pricing policy against competitors. Review that the Prime account vendor has a reputation in the marketplace, and they have positive reviews and references from customers. The vendor must also provide good customer support that has 24*7 availability.


To Conclude:

These are a few things you need to know about the CSGO Prime account. It helps verify players’ accounts, enables matchmaking, and checks into the growth of cheaters and Smurfs that plague CSGO.





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