What Is Lahore Smart City and What Are Its Features?

What Is Lahore Smart City and What Are Its Features?

Lahore Smart City is a new housing development between the Kala Shah Kaku Interchange and the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway Interchange. Our building blocks for Lahore Smart City will include architectural magnificence, the grandeur of urban living, smart lifestyle, contemporary construction, state-of-the-art town-planning, design, and civil engineering.

Following the successful introduction of Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City will be Pakistan’s second Smart City, meeting the aspirations of the population who wishes to live in smart cities. The project has been authorized by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and is free of any legal flaws.

Lahore Smart City Location

The highest-rated feature of a housing society that rates it among investors and enhances or reduces its worth is its location. It is the most important component in determining the popularity of a real estate property.

Along the Lahore By-Pass Road, around 20000 acres of land are planned for construction in the Lahore Smart City. The civilization has been created and will be implemented in accordance with international standards, utilizing world-class infrastructure. It is one of a kind due to its position, and it has easy access to all major routes, including the N5 GT road and the M2 motorway. Before making any real estate acquisition, the most crucial thing to consider is location; location defines both a society’s benefits and drawbacks. LSC, because of its advantageous position, will become a center of corporate investment prospects in the medium to long term.

Master Plan for the Smart City of Lahore

It was originally intended that the Lahore Smart City master plan framework would create an urbanised initiative at the highest level, a residential community that would provide low-cost but high-quality housing, together with innovative and customer-driven amenities.

In accordance with the project schedule, the building will be divided into two sections: the “Executive Block” and the “Overseas Block”. Residential plots of 5, 10, and 20 marlas will be available in each of the three sectors.

There will be an Executive Block and an Overseas Block, both of which will cater exclusively to the investment needs of Pakistanis who live outside of Pakistan, as the name suggests.


As of this writing, the official launch of Lahore Smart City has yet to take place. A limited number of plots are being offered at introductory prices as a pre-launch incentive by the developer.


Five-marla plots cost PKR 12,000 to join; ten- and twenty-marla (1-kanal) units cost PKR 15,000 to join. This project will have development fees of roughly PKR 100,000 per marla, which will be due when a plot owner takes possession of the property. At a later date, commercial plots may also be introduced.


This rich investment opportunity in Lahore is not one to be missed if you were impressed by Capital Smart City Islamabad’s success. As long as you are a serious buyer, this might be your ticket to a cutting-edge urban lifestyle in the centre of the metropolis.


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Lahore Smart City Features

This society offers environmentally friendly services and amenities. It offers everything an ideal community might want.

  • Hill Vista

The Hill Vista is a golfer’s paradise, with residential plots and villas, golf farmhouses, shops, food/beverage, golf club house, community club, 18-hole golf course, and golf academy.

  • China Village

As the city grows, a living blend of residential and commercial space with a magnificent crystal lake will become a leisure attraction.

  • Financial Square

This important business area is home to banks, offices, hotels, residences, and gate offices.

  • Aviation Village

A commercial complex that includes warehouses, exhibition halls, hotels, cold storage facilities, and technical and operational offices.

Furthermore, Lahore smart city has vast boulevards ranging in width from 150 to 350 feet. The environment is stunning, with green belts and lights lighting the streets.

There will be continuous and unrestricted access to city services (electricity, gas, water). Underground power and water will be provided.

The creators of the Lahore smart city focused on ecologically friendly infrastructure and utilities.

Lahore Smart City Features Also include

  • Smart Security
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Health
  • IoT
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Resource Management
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Smart Facilities

An eco-friendly and sustainable urban development is built using data collected from inhabitants, municipal buildings, transportation infrastructure, and so on.

This will be Pakistan’s second-largest smart city, covering over a thousand Kanal of land.

A contemporary villa in the heart of Punjab with unrivaled facilities and world-class attractions. LSC offers luxury apartments as well as residential plots. In February, the LDA authorized the project’s NOC, and the project owners also approved and confirmed the land acquisition. Surbana Jurong, a Singapore-based consultant firm, has master-planned the whole scheme. It is one of Asia’s leading urban, industrial, and infrastructure consulting businesses, with over 50 years of expertise and a broad list of customers.

According to the master plan, Lahore Smart City is divided into various districts with multiple blocks. The following are the planned districts:

  • Executive Block

Executive Block is a first-rate development. It has been designed to work in harmony with certain villas and houses. A safe and secure environment for families, with 24-hour security and maintenance services. This neighborhood will be one of the most desirable places to live, with a dynamic lifestyle that includes a pleasant atmosphere, amenities, healthcare, food and beverages, shopping, and parks.

  • Sports District

Sports District is a multi-purpose sports zone of world standards. It combines residential, recreational, sports, and entertainment platforms while developing a distinct community. It is created with large sports arenas and renowned stadiums in mind. It also has a sports academy of international caliber and a sports-themed shop pavilion. The neighborhood offers a variety of residential options, ranging from flats to villas that blend in with nature.

  • Education District

The Education District largely consists of educational institutions, research facilities, and training institutes for the purpose of study and skill development and advancement. Short courses and certificates are also available. A modern curriculum and innovative methods of instruction will be used.

  • Theme Park

A theme park is a specific location dedicated to leisure and entertainment activities. It is artistically designed to calm tensions and give entertainment options. With a variety of public attractions such as bird’s park, a holiday resort, and hospitality, it is a popular holiday destination.

  • Silicone Valley

Silicon Valley Pakistan would be a technologically sophisticated country in terms of information technology and other advanced sectors. Technology advancement and dissemination, skill improvement, study, and research will all take place here. It will be a burgeoning zone for cutting-edge logistics and technology.

  • Mosques

For the Muslim community, architecture represents religion and solidarity.

  • Healthcare District

Healthcare District is the hub for healthcare institutions. This sector offers chances for people and businesses to enhance their healthcare services while also keeping the community healthy. The purpose-built labs, hospitals, and clinics represent technical progress.


Lahore Smart City will be the second project of its sort in Pakistan and the fifth in Asia as a whole. The project will be the city’s largest eco-friendly endeavour, ready for the investment interests of both genuine purchasers and investors, because it will draw on the construction aspects of contemporary real estate developments.

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