EarnViews: Simple Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Instagram

In the world of business, feedback is one of the essential factors used to enhance customer experience. Yes! It is an ideal way to determine whether the clients are satisfied with your product or service and discover the areas where you can improve. 

In traditional marketing, gathering customer feedback is daunting. But with the advent of interactive social media platforms like Instagram, collecting customer reviews has become easier than ever. 

There are plenty of in-app features that you can leverage to understand where your business is and how it serves your customers. Of all other features, most marketers make use of Instagram Stories to engage with their audience. Further, they buy instagram story views to expand the content reach and garner more reviews from their followers. Do you also want to power up your business by analyzing customer thoughts? All right! This article will guide you through the different ways to use Instagram to get customer feedback. Let’s get started now!

#1 Instagram Feed Posts

Feed posts are the simplest way to reach existing followers and new potential audiences. These kinds of posts can be created with any form of visual content like images, carousels, videos, GIFs, etc. 

Image – Merely post a photo and ask your questions in the comment sections. So that your audience may share their thoughts at their convenience. Otherwise, include your questions in the image and make your audience respond to them in the comments section. 

Video – Curate a short video with a collection of clips that showcases your products or services. Similar to image posts, examine your audience with a question and know what they expect from your brand or business. 

Carousel – This kind of feed post is beneficial for deciding between two or more options. Share a set of images and know what your audience prefers to choose. 

Apart from posting content, often communicating with the target audience not only enhance engagement but also strengthen your community. In addition to this, take advantage of EarnViews to maximize your reach and build credibility for your profile. 

#2 Instagram Stories 

And here comes the most effective way to collect feedback or review from audiences by interacting with them. Stories facilitate the process of gathering qualitative insights from clients with the aid of stickers and more fun elements. 

Poll Sticker – Polls is one of the quickest ways to ask direct questions among your followers and get reply rapidly. Just move to the Stories section, search for the poll sticker, include two different options to select from, and share it on your account. The audience who get to see it will reply to you as per their preference. Check the results after some time and make better decisions. 

Question Sticker – It is one of the easiest ways to get to know your followers as well as future clients. You can ask anything that helps your brand to understand the demand and develop future products accordingly. 

Quiz Sticker – If you want to conduct a mini survey, then the ‘Quiz sticker helps you the best. Ask a question and give a set of options to choose from. This makes audiences let you know what they would like to have. Then, based on the feedback you get, go further, developing your business accordingly. 

Slider Sticker – Another tool to know customer feedback is using slider stickers on Instagram Stories. It can be used when you need to determine how much a product is loved by customers. Add a question with a slider sticker and post it on Instagram Stories. People who find it will react by sliding the mark to a particular level and representing their opinion. 

Link Sticker – Do you have a dedicated survey form? Then, embedding a clickable link is the right way to encourage people to complete it. Search for a link sticker, add your link, and share it on your profile. As a result, your audience will go through the post and swipe up the link to participate in your survey. Keep an eye on the results and collect the date before the story disappears. 

#3 Other Instagram Features 

Direct Messages – DM or Direct Message is a feature that enables users to communicate with one another. Consider if a customer makes a purchase with your brand. You will keep track of the package until it reaches the customer. Once the item is delivered, ask the respective one to use it and share feedback or review for the same. When you get a decent amount of feedback, post it on your profile as a testimonial and showcase your brand loyalty. 

Live Q & A Sessions – Video streaming is a great way to join with potential customers and discuss 

  • How your brand helps customers
  • What are the challenges customers face
  • What needs to be improved
  • What customers would like to have in the future and more. 

Still, you can collaborate with influencers and public figures to find answers to these questions. So plan your sessions clearly and hit on the ‘Go Live’ option on Instagram. The audience will get notified about your Live session, and they will take steps to join your ‘Live’. Whoever has the answer to your questions will mention it in the comments. 

You are not limited to using only these options to ease your feedback gathering. Stay up to date with the trends and experiment with various options that the app offers. Remember that collecting customer feedback should be done in such a way that it invites users to engage with and support your business growth. An additional tip is to try out EarnViews, which helps Instagram users amplify their content visibility and bring in more audiences to profile instantly. 

The Final Line

There you have it, a set of practical ways to collect customer feedback from Instagram followers. When you employ these techniques with a perfect plan, you can attain desired results for sure. Don’t just stop once you have gathered data from customers. Go ahead and make use of them to tweak your business. Good luck 🙂

Kindly share your thoughts regarding this article in the comments section. 

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