Evolution in Teaching Techniques: Then VS Now

Things are changing so rapidly these days. Everything is getting advanced and easy to do.

If we want to eat something different, take an example of food. We need to go to the restaurant. But the case is not the same now, and we can order the things online and get them on our doors. The same has changed in the teaching system now. A lot has evolved as compared to previous times. Getting things online changed everything. We can get all the information we want just with a single click.


Things were not the same previously. If the students wanted to learn something, they had to go to public school, and for some extra studies, coaching centers were there. But now, to carry on the additional studies, it is not mandatory to go to any coaching centers; it can be done online. Back to basics, the old teaching method is also known as conventional education as these method were widely used. Convention education was all about recitations. For example, students will be sitting and maintaining silence while one of the students will recite the thing in the lesson. Students will keep getting the chance simultaneously. This technique was adequate but not effective enough to broaden our knowledge.


Earlier in school or college, there was a lot of pressure on the teachers to do all the work independently. In today’s era, the LMS portal and attendance management software has come to the school, which has done a lot of work for the teachers. This software can do all the work like taking care of students’ information, etc. Progressive modern education fills up all the blanks, and this learning is taught from a completely different angle.

Some changes which took place are –


  •  There is an increase in instructional technology. Schools and students are using computers more often as compared to past times. For example, students don’t need to carry the book everywhere and there is a need for it, there are plenty of options on the internet for getting the e-book. 


  • Teachers are in the lead everywhere.However, the things were restricted, but the case is not the same now. Teachers are leading a lot through teacherpreneurship. They are doing it by sharing their study material through social media or any online classes. In this way, they can share their ideas of knowledge piled up in a book to a vast extent. Making them more popular.


  • Mobility of information has increased so much. Previously we couldn’t imagine that for the teachers to deliver lectures in two different states in a single day. But all thanks to our technology which is making it possible. It was difficult for some experienced teacher who was getting old and had to come to school or college to deliver their lecture standing for more than an out and talking. At Least they don’t have to face these kinds of problems anymore. They can be at home in their most comfortable position, which won’t cause unnecessary stress and teach us.


  • Apps have also worked in favor of methods of teaching. There are many new online applications that the teacher makes, and they are easily accessible to the students. It is an easier way of sharing notes. Pilling up the white sheets with data and sending them is a long and tedious process.


To Conclude:


That is how the teaching methods changed and got advanced every day—increased mobility and making the books handy changed it all. The study method of today’s time is much easier and better than the method of study of earlier times. Studying anywhere at any time is all happening with the help of technology and online classes.


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