Acumen EHR VS DrChrono EHR: Exploring the Feature Range!

Have you ever speculated on how you can achieve optimal clinical status? It definitely is not an easy aim to accomplish. Because keeping up with the regulatory requirements and providing undivided attention to patients are wholly different tasks that can’t be performed simultaneously. Don’t you think this way like many other providers? If yes, then you are in the wrong. It is nothing more than a misconception spread by groundless rumors.

By deploying comprehensive EHR solutions, you can handle your entire clinical workflow without disturbing the work quality. These solutions allow clinicians to please their patients by following all regulatory conditions. They do so by featuring HIPAA-compliant services. Maintaining a patient-friendly environment is a breeze once you get equipped with the services EHR vendors offer. The EHR solutions are like all-inclusive solutions that simultaneously yield productive outcomes by featuring EHR, RCM, and PM services.

Here we will focus on the features of Acumen EHR and DrChrono EHR. These are the two finest healthcare solutions offering the best of the best care facilities by staying compliant with the regulatory bodies. This article is about the smart set of features these platforms offer for various medical specialties. Presenting an Acumen EHR vs DrChrono EHR head-to-head feature comparison is the approach we will use to help you decide between the two. 

With that said, let’s uncover the integrated EHR capabilities of both vendors in this Acumen vs DrChrono EHR guide. 

Acumen EHR and what is it about:

Acumen is a nephrology-focus EHR that works in close conjunction with Epic Connect. The IT platform is a comprehensive bundle of Epic’s EHR and PM module and Acumen’s Nephrology-specific solutions. Acumen EHR takes pride in delivering exceptional care facilities to nephrologists by leveraging an extensive knowledge base. Above all, Acumen EHR software having 25 years of excellence in this field, offers ingenious tools to stabilize the financial health of medical practices. 

  • Acumen EMR features three quality products named:
  • Acumen Epic Connect-The EHR
  • Acumen Nephrologix-The performance booster
  • Acumen RCM-The comprehensive financial solution
  • In this Acumen vs DrChrono comparison, we will focus on the EHR part of Acumen EHR to assess how it improves patient outcomes.

Acumen Epic Connect Features:

CKD Management:

Connecting with Epic, Acumen EHR offers Chronic Kidney Disease management service. Considering all renal health conditions, the vendor empowers nephrologists to make sound decisions. In addition, it helps diagnose patients’ cases before things get out of hand. 

Population Health Management:

Acumen software offers a population health tool that works specifically for patients suffering from kidney diseases. It conducts risk analysis using aggregated data associated with vital signs, medication symptoms, and more. Also, using the CPOE service software improves clinical outcomes. 

Medical Documentation:

This feature not only works by featuring custom templates but helps with patient registration, too. It digitizes the intake process by automatically populating data into the EHR. Following all documentation protocols, Acumen EHR organizes all files in a well-structured manner so clinicians can access files readily. 

Dialysis Rounding:

Keeping tabs on the dialysis procedure of patients is no big deal with Acumen EHR. The vendor offers a specialized service for recording all dialysis rounds. As this is primarily a six months procedure, this service makes it easier for providers to stay updated of the progress and complications. 

DrChrono EHR 101:

DrChrono EHR is a tech-savvy software known for shaping clinical workflows instead of impeding them. It is a user-friendly solution that assures an impenetrable patient experience. It does so by keenly understanding what care providers need to engage and satisfy their patients. DrChrono features a wide range of services and caters to over 30 specialties simultaneously. There’s no better solution for medical professionals facing reimbursement challenges than DrChrono EHR. 

DrChrono Features:

Staff Access:

Give your entire staff access to DrChrono EHR. Don’t worry about losing patient data privacy, as the vendor offers custom setting options so the medical staff cannot misuse the data. However, staff gets restriction-free access to the relevant clinical data to perform all tasks flawlessly. 

Drawing Tools:

DrChrono EHR maintains its level of intuitiveness. The drawing tools of DrChrono EHR software let practitioners capture medical images. Also, these images are directly annotated into the EHR software. It enables providers to conduct visual diagnoses by evaluating the diagnostic images. 

Patient Flags:

This is the best of best features offered by DrChrono EHR. Providers can use patient flags to stay updated on their patient’s health by marking red flags to focus on explicitly. These are customizable and can be categorized into medicinal allergies and more that staff should know while running patient reports. 

Custom Macro Buttons:

It is an innovative data entry tool that saves clinicians tons of time. They can use commonly appearing notes and customize them for recurring appointments. This way, providers don’t have to create medical charts from scratch. For a better understanding of this agile service, go for the DrChrono EHR demo. 

Acumen EHR vs DrChrono EHR: Which Software To Choose?

You might look up to us to declare the winner. But that will not happen soon. It is because we are no one to make the last call for your practice. Only you know what’s best for your health care center. Keenly assess your needs and then make the right decision in the light of your clinical needs. It all comes down to personalized clinical needs. And this is what defines the feature range for medical practices. 

After short-listing your prime requirements, you can go for the demo of DrChrono and Acumen EHR. This way, it will be easier  to reach the conclusive point by evaluating the vendors for real. Another worth considering point is that Acumen EHR software is explicitly a nephrology-focused solution. Whereas, DrChrono EHR offers customized services for medical and non-medical specialties. So, besides feature range, the specialty is a must-consider element. 

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