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What you need to know about carpet repair services

Before you decide to hire a carpet repair service, it’s essential to understand the basic steps involved. A seam can be the difference between a perfect repair and an ineffective one. It can be so small that even one fibre can pull out. And a poorly-sewn seam can also lead to ripped carpet fibres. And a seam can be so weak that it can’t even be held together by double-sided tape! To get a perfect repair, you need to have an expert use special seaming tape and an iron to make sure the repairs are seamless and unnoticeable.


Re-stretching is a common carpet repair service

Re-stretching a carpet can add years to your existing floor covering. It’s important to remember that higher-grade carpet requires more labour and skill to repair than cheaper materials. Also, a cheap carpet is more forgiving and can stretch more easily. If the seam isn’t lined up properly or is cut wrong, you’ll have a costly replacement bill.

Often, the culprit is not a stain but a poor installation. Carpets are stretched too far when installed initially, creating ripples and bumps. A badly stretched carpet will gradually loosen and not lay flat. 


A carpet may need re-stretching when you’re installing new hard surfaces. While hard surface installers don’t do transition work, a good carpet repair company will take care of this for you. Carpet Pro Cleaners uses power stretchers to repair wrinkled carpets and add years to the life of your floor covering. 

Re-stretching is an excellent alternative to replacing a floor covering, and it will still look brand new. Luckily, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new carpet if you opt for a carpet repair service.


Re-colouring a carpet


Re-colouring a carpet involves determining the exact colour of the stain. The process involves using dyes of opposite hues to ensure that the colour is balanced. It requires expert knowledge of colours and methods. While it is possible to re-colour a carpet to correct a stain, it isn’t advisable to attempt it yourself unless you have a great deal of experience.


Re-colouring a carpet requires special techniques and expertise to ensure a seamless finish. Because the dyes used in carpet re-colouring are translucent, they are only applicable to certain types of carpets. The original colour of a carpet will determine which colours are possible. You cannot dye a dark colour to a light one, so calling a professional carpet dyer is essential to be certain. Not all types of carpet fibre are compatible with re-colouring, but wool and nylon are both dyed. Fortunately, carpets rarely need replacement after ten or fifteen years. 


Choosing a professional for carpet repair

Hiring a professional for Sydney carpet repair services by Refresh Carpet Cleaning will save you time and money. While many companies offer this type of service, only a few are experts in the field. The right technician will have the proper tools and training to repair your carpet the first time, and it will also prevent you from making rookie mistakes. When you need a new carpet repaired quickly, hiring a professional is the way to go.


Depending on the type of damage, the replacement piece may be a remnant from the original installation or a sample from a carpet store. You may also use a scrap of carpet from a closet or area you don’t see very often. In some cases, a patch of carpet will not match the colour of the surrounding area, requiring the replacement of the entire piece.


Signs that your carpet needs to be repaired

The older the carpet, the more likely it needs repair or replacement. It is best to replace it if it has worn out beyond its 10-year lifespan. A typical carpet lasts for at least ten years before it needs replacing. By this time, it has lost its tuft and texture, and the backing is no longer giving it adequate support. Other signs that your carpet needs to be repaired include ripples, matted fibres, and bald patches. 


While minor tears are easily repaired, large rips and stains on your carpet may indicate that it needs to be replaced. If you can’t repair it yourself, you can always hire a professional carpet repair service to remove the damaged carpet and replace it with new padding. In addition to this, if you have pets, a carpet repair service can help you repair the pet peeing damage by removing the damaged padding and repairing the sub-floor. Replacing it with a new one will give your home a new look and make it easier to remove the smells that may be accumulating on the carpet. Also, a fresh new carpet will help you get rid of odours and pet dander that can cause your carpet to smell.

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