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8 Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

A bathroom is present in every home. It is a place where you relieve yourself. There is no better way of spending the end of your day than coming home and taking a hot or cold bath. 

Inarguably, your bathroom is an essential part of your home. And just like any part of your home, your bathroom needs maintenance and proper care. 

Many homeowners want to upgrade their bathrooms but do not know where to start. If you are one of them, you can check out Virginia Shower & Bath for more details on upgrading your bathroom.

Upgrading your bathroom will need effort and resources. Here are some ways that can help you to upgrade your bathroom. 

Update your bathroom furniture and fixtures

Changing old mirrors, faucets, bidets, and showerheads can change the overall look and feels of a bathroom. To find the best bathroom fixture repair, You should search online and hire an experienced plumber for this work. Also, here are guide questions you should ask yourself before buying:

  • Do the sizes of the bathroom furniture and fixture fit your bathroom?
  • Is the price worth the product?
  • Are the furniture and fixture go with the overall theme of your bathroom?
  • Would the bathroom furniture and fixture work in the long run?

Change your lights

Good lighting can change the aura of any room. Old fluorescent lights are too plain. Replacing your bathroom lights will give your bathroom an aesthetic upgrade. There are many bathroom lighting designs you can choose from, this includes:

  • Wall sconce lights
  • Bathroom vanity lights
  • Recessed lights
  • Bathroom chandeliers
  • Ceiling light

Change your bathroom’s theme.

Changing the theme can upgrade the value of your bathroom. There are many different themes. There are earthly tones and minimalist theme designs. You can change the theme of your bathroom in the following ways:

  • painting your walls
  • replacing the metal fixtures in the bathroom
  • upgrading your vanity
  • adding fitted bathroom products
  • trying new bathroom textiles

Declutter your bathroom

Cluttering makes your bathroom messy even after many upgrades and remodeling. Decluttering your bathroom is an inexpensive way to uplift your bathroom. Here are some tips you can to declutter your bathroom:

  • placing unused items and toiletries in a storage container
  • adding trash bin to throw your bathroom trashes
  • have a bathroom organizer

Add a new bathroom scent.

Adding a new scent will make your bathroom feel welcoming. Scents work as an air freshener to freshen up your bathroom. Avoid using cheap scents that would not last for long. 

There are a lot of scents that you can choose for your bathroom, this includes:

  • mint and tea tree scent
  • eucalyptus or rosemary scent
  • lemon scent
  • lavender scent
  • tropical scent
  • floral scent
  • sea or ocean scent

Murals or hanging wall arts

Modern bathroom designs are very artistic, and Wall arts add colour and a personalized upgrade to your bathroom. You can add eye-catching artwork in your bathroom to add more luxe feels. 

Adding bathroom storage

When you have a small bathroom, installing built-in cabinets will take a lot of space. You can add bathroom storage to organize your bathroom’s stuff. Here are other ways you can add extra storage to your bathroom:

  • You can use hanging baskets for your bathroom storage
  • mounting a towel rack
  • use accessory containers for small bathroom items
  • installing small shelves 
  • adding a cabinet below the sink

Adding houseplants

Adding houseplants as décor in your bathroom can make it look more pleasant. Houseplants are good filters. They can help your bathroom have better air quality.

Bathrooms are usually humid. Some plants cannot survive in this kind of humidity. There are still some plant options that can help your bathroom have the greenery upgrade you want, including:

  • bamboo
  • ferns
  • begonias
  • Chinese evergreen
  • bromeliads
  • croton
  • orchids
  • philodendrons
  • snake plants

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