Best Beach Treks in India

Best Beach Treks in India

When the Himalayas give you cliffs with snow, the West coast gives you cliffs with sea! This unusual harmony of the small hillocks and sea is what makes beach treks in India one of a kind. The west coast of India is blessed with clean blue beaches accompanied by cliffs, historical forts and jungles. 

Gokarna Beach Trek:

Unlike the other beach treks in India, Gokarna Beach trek includes multiple stopovers and covers multiple beaches enroute with ferry rides, water sports and tent stays. This beach trek commences from Gokarna main beach and ends in Paradise Beach. The terrain covered while doing this trek ranges from mountain cliffs, jungles, creeks overlooking the majestic endless Arabian Sea. The route engulfs the beaches like Kudle, Om, Half Moon and Paradise beach respectively. The trek is not more than 10 kms at a stretch. It may feel longer than that because there are a handful of ascents along Gokarna beach and Half Moon beach. The ferry is an alternative from Kudle to Om/Paradise beach which will limit your stay at these beaches. If you truly want to enjoy the beauty of this trek, kindly hike all the way and set up tents on the Paradise beach with a beach bonfire and music. Also, carry enough sunscreen to avoid excess tanning and sunburn. Interact with the people on local beach restaurants and shacks as you move around. At the end, enjoy the awesome sunset by the cliffs or by the beach which will surely make your exhaustion go away. The best time to start walking from Gokarna is Nov-Mar. 

Arambol Beach, Chapora Fort Vagator:

Goa is more than parties and beaches and Arambol is the living proof. The 5 km trek through meadow, jungle and stream leads you to the summit overlooking the pretty Arambol beach. It is a perfect spot to take your camera out for sunset and have deep talks while admiring the beach. It is recommended that you go with a local guide if you are unaware of the area. 

Adding to the beach treks in Goa, Chapora fort by Vagator beach is going to give you Dil Chahta Hai feels. The 3 km trek leads you through the semi-ruined Chapora fort. Once you reach the fort’s summit, you will be amazed by the sheer glory of shiny waters, innumerable palm trees and the golden Vagator beach. 

Elephant Trek:

Traveling towards the east, we have the mesmerizing Andaman Islands. Located in Bay of Bengal, Havelock island is one of the most famous  tourist attractions in Andaman. The Elephant beach in Havelock is well known for its aqua blue waters and white sandy beach with water sports and relaxing hotels. The trail to reach this surreal beach is either through a ferry or hiking through the jungles of Swaraj Dweep region. The trail is built and consists of wooden path and stairs which stretch upto 8-9 km. it advised to travel light and carry a raincoat if the weather demands. The wonder of having a jungle standing on the same sand as the beach is fascinating and should not be missed if you are traveling to Andaman. 


Bekal Beach:

Bekal Beach is an offbeat short beach trek in Kasargod, Kerala. The trek takes you through the historic Fort of Bekal built by Tipu Sultan. This trek qualifies as a ‘long walk on the beach’ when you sort of keep walking as far as you can go. Begin your journey at Bekal fort and start hiking along the beach, soon you will reach Kappil beach and eventually a fishing village called Uduma. You might meet a few fishermen along the way if you are lucky as the beach is secluded and receives almost no tourist traffic. The best time to wander off from Bekal is from Oct- Feb. 

The above mentioned beach treks include the  famous and lesser known beaches. Adding to the rare list of beach treks in India is; Kumta beach near Bangalore, Ocean trek to Neuti Beach Goa. Kelshi-Ladghar Dapoli trek in Maharashtra and many more unexplored pearls. The reason why beach treks seem amiable is because there are no prior skills needed to do these treks. They are cheap, no acclimatization, no health checkups, and no overnight halts. They are accessible, offer a great source of exploring the coasts of India, a birdview of the endless Arabian Sea and peaceful sunsets. For some experienced trekkers, these beach treks might act as a stretching exercise. And who would deny such exercise with a beautiful view!


There are many other options than Goa’s overcrowded beaches if you don’t mind driving a few hours north of Mumbai.

The Tarkarli region is also home to tranquil backwaters, busy communities, and ancient sea forts, in addition to magnificent white sands.

Scuba diving, parasailing, and snorkelling are just a few of the water sports available to visitors.

Atop the 17th-century stone walls of Sindhudurg Fort, which sits just off the coast of Malvan (approximately 45 minutes northwest of Tarkarli), the area’s most spectacular monument, visitors may take in stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

Radhanagar :

One of the nicest beaches in Asia, Radhanagar (locally known as Beach No. 7) can be found on Havelock Island, one of the remote Andaman & Nicobar Islands located between India and Thailand.

It’s easy to see why the secluded shoreline is so popular with tourists, with calm waves and fine sand surrounded by a verdant canopy.

Despite its remote setting, there is a lot to see and do here. Water sports, sunbathing, surfing, fishing, sailing, kayaking, and rainforest trekking are just some of the activities available to visitors.

Scuba diving is one of the best methods to explore the underwater worlds and vivid coral reefs, with training for both beginners and seasoned divers.

Puri Beach Odisha:

A pilgrimage to Puri’s 11th-century Jagannath temple is a must for the religiously inclined who travel to this eastern coast city south of Kolkata. But the neighbourhood isn’t just recognised for its iconic Hindu temple.

People flock to the main beach in search of a wild nightlife and an abundance of bhang, or edible marijuana, which is permitted in India.

Balighai and Chandrabhaga, two quieter beaches north of the main beach, are good options for those who like a long stretch of undisturbed sand.

Trips to Konark (approximately an hour’s drive northeast) and Raghurajpur historical crafts hamlet (about 20 minutes north) allow visitors to witness exquisite traditional scroll paintings in the pattachitra style.

Rushikonda beach  Andhra Pradesh:

Located in the eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam, this quiet beach is a popular picnic spot for residents, despite the choppy waters.

Visitors with a sense of adventure can go to the sea by renting a surfboard or kayak, but novices should steer clear.

For those looking for convenient access to tourist attractions like the rocky outcrop known as “Delphinid nose,” or to the four-thousand-year-old Venkateshwara Temple, Rushikonda is the ideal location.

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