Engagement Rings in Melbourne: 4 Things to Look Out For

Due to the wide variety of ring designs and jewelry stores, choosing the perfect engagement ring can be challenging. Considering that it’s one of your biggest purchases, you want to ensure you’re doing it properly. You want your partner to love this purchase as much as you do because it can be expensive.

If you live in Melbourne, you shouldn’t fret if you are starting to feel anxious about beginning your search for the ideal representation of your devotion and love. Finding ideal engagement rings Melbourne is made simple with the information provided here. Keep reading to learn more.

Things to Look Out For in Engagement Rings

1. Pick a Setting Style

A great location to start your search is with the setting for your ring. The ring’s setting gives it character and influences the main stone. Your surroundings must reflect your style, and myriad alternatives exist, from traditional to unconventional.

2. Choose the Metal

Different types and color schemes of metal can be used as the setting. A ring’s metal can enhance the look of the stones it carries and give the design more personality. Some of the most popular materials for engagement rings include platinum, 14k gold, and 18k gold.

3. Determine the Ring Size

While being proposed, the ring should be simple and offer the right resistance to prevent it from coming off when worn.

Finding the ideal ring size when a couple shops together is simple, but it could be trickier if the proposal is a surprise. A band size guide will make it easy to determine the right ring size. Measure your finger or the finger of your prospective spouse directly, then match the measurement to the corresponding ring size on the chart.

4. Select a Stone

The Four C’s—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—should be your main considerations for engagement rings. Knowing what each “C” represents will help you pick which properties are most important to you.

Some customers prioritize color when choosing a stone, choosing almost colorless precious gems even if this means purchasing a lesser rock to match their budget. 

If other buyers are interested in a certain area of the diamond, they might not mind having numerous additions there. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your partner to decide what’s important.

Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Melbourne

If you’re preparing to drop the proposal, there’s a good possibility you’ll discover the ideal ring here, whether you’re looking for something completely personalized or off-the-shelf. Here are Melbourne’s top locations for engagement ring shopping.

1. Paul Bram

Paul Bram, one of Melbourne’s largest suppliers of handmade engagement rings, allows you absolute control over the procedure. Their team of designers collaborates with you to design the ideal engagement ring, and their certified gemologists may assist you in choosing the perfect stone.

2. Bulgari

One of the top brands, Bulgari is a well-known manufacturer of fine jewelry. Their engagement rings are made of the purest materials and have an immediately recognizable aesthetic. Collins St. in Melbourne is where you can locate their showroom.

3. Cartier

Cartier produces some of Melbourne’s finest engagement rings, with a vast selection of diamond engagement rings in all various styles. Their staff will assist you in finding the ideal ring, whether you are searching for a dainty and classy solitaire design, the striking Cartier Destinée, or everything in between.


Getting engrossed in romance is easy while selecting an engagement ring and getting ready to pop the question. However, remember that both situations are quite exciting, so you’ll want to make sure you handle them properly. If you live in Melbourne, considering these things will help you with your proposal.

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