Your Ultimate Guide for Buying Trilogy Rings

Trilogy rings have become quite popular everywhere these days. Besides, these rings are also popularly known as trinity rings. The specialty of a trilogy ring is, it has three stones, which are set very close to each other. The stones used in this type of ring are commonly diamonds. However, you can also find these rings with other gemstones, which means you can choose the ones as per your requirement.

These rings look extremely unique. You can wear these trilogy rings on various occasions. They are a perfect choice for engagement. They can be used as wedding bands or promise rings or friendship rings. Your loved ones will definitely like the trilogy rings. You do not have to step out of your home for buying these rings anymore now. There are so many stores online that offer these rings at an attractive price. However, it is important to choose trustworthy stores always for buying trilogy rings.

One of the best jewelry stores available online for buying trilogy rings is Hanno Stockholm. Check out their wedding rings, and you will fall in love with them. As they provide safe payment options to their clients, people love to buy rings for special occasions in their life from their store online.

Trilogy Rings: Types

There are two types of trilogy rings. When it comes to the first type, all three stones on the ring would be of the same size. The other type comes with a bigger stone at the centre. Most people choose the 2nd type for proposals, whereas others are used for other occasions. However, there are no specific rules that you must use these rings only for specific occasions. It all depends on your choice.

What matters here is your and your partner’s happiness. They come in different metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. However, the platinum and the gold rings look stunning. The silver rings are budget friendly and look very classy.

A trilogy ring is known to represent a family in many ways. The big stone at the center represents a mother or a father, and the small stones on either side represent children. This ring simply shows that a parent is holding his or her children close. It shows protectiveness. Gift this kind of ring to show your love for your children. When you choose the ring with the same sized stones, all three stones indicate, three children.

Pick the same-sized stone rings for your mother or father and he or she will love the idea. As we all know couple makes several promises to one another during their wedding ceremony. These promises are simply known as “wedding vows.” Pick a trilogy ring to show your love towards your better half. Gifting this kind of ring shows your faith in him or her. It is a vow to prove your dedication by showing your love for one another while also receiving love from others.

Pick the best trilogy rings for your special occasions to make them even more special!

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