5 Fun Flower Gift Ideas for Halloween

What have you planned for the spookiest holiday of the year? People are super stoked about Halloween as soon as October arrives and cannot wait to decorate their homes with scary stuff. From haunted houses to spooky costumes to skull decorations, there are many things’ people do on this fantastic day. 

This holiday is not just fun for kids but also for adults, and many of them start scary movie marathons and pumpkin carvings and give gifts with a scary twist. Halloween celebration is quite interesting in the way even the term ‘trick or treat’ has been said to have originated from the thought that families could prevent the tricks by giving the kids treats. 

To represent the day’s horror and supernatural theme, people usually use items with purple, orange or black shades. But you should ensure that the gift or flowers are creepy but pretty too. Here’s a list of fun floral gift ideas for Halloween:

Go Classic Scary with Black & White 

Whenever you think of ghosts or spirits, black and white colours are the first ones that come to mind. Hence, any black and white blooms like agonis, dendrobium, and sorghum will make for a Spook-tacular fresh flower bouquet. You could add a skull-shaped vase and make it the perfect Halloween decoration or present. 

Try Halloween-themed blossoms 

Chrysanthemum blooms in October and is a popular flower choice for Halloween. They come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. You could go for a complete orange Chrysanthemum bouquet to represent the festival and gift it as a perfect Halloween dining decoration. White might be a great option since it’s also known as “the flower of death” in some regions. 

Get creative with Flower Vase

There are many Halloween-related items, like a spider or creepy eyes, you can place or paint on a vase. Use vegetables like pumpkin or gourd as a vase and carve that scary smile. You could try the fake human skull vase too. Once you’ve created or found the right vase, you can add flowers like blood-red tulips with creepy eyes vases, a chrysanthemum with spider vases, or an orange rose bouquet for the pumpkin vase. You can get the flowers from any florist in Melbourne and gift them along with the painted vase as a Halloween present. 

DIY Colourful Flower Combinations

A few florists in Melbourne provide you with the service to create your fresh flower bouquet as per your preference for flowers. You can try this service and get fresh flowers online, like carnations, limelight hydrangeas or any green flower, azure asters flowers, and red roses wrapped in a black sheet with a red ribbon. The unusual combination of these floral colours will add an eeriness factor to your gift. 

Black Mystery Box 

Black denotes darkness and scary things, and a black box with a black lid will make things mysterious and give them a fun twist. When you give a black floral box arrangement on Halloween, people will be careful before opening it. It would be a joyful sight to see, and to make it more interesting, add a sheet above the flowers and place a skeleton hand to create more mystery. Inside the box, you can ask the florist to add dark purple dahlias and dark maroon calla lilies with orange roses to match the festival. 

You will have to be slightly creative while getting fresh flowers in Melbourne delivery to ensure that the bouquet you order matches the Halloween theme. Talk to any Melbourne florist for advice on a spooky bouquet. Also, apart from gifting others, you can also add some flowers to be a part of your spooky holiday decor. 

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