What Kind of Material Is Use in Candle Boxes

Displaying aromatherapy candles in Candle Boxes is a great idea. Why not tell everyone about your aromatherapy candles, which offer health benefits and pleasant scents? By designing custom candle boxes, you can attractively showcase your candles while still protecting packing, and storing them safely. Choose candles that have similar scents or aromas when designing your Candle Boxes.

Trying them out all first will help you make a good choice. Make sure you choose candles with similar scents when choosing a design in bulk. This way, your custom candle packaging boxes will complement the aromas of your candles and enable you to display them visually. Your candles will be secure and safe when you design custom boxes for them.

Candle packaging plays a significant role in product safety. Packaging is vital for your simple product because it needs to boost sales, but it also has to protect it from the elements. It is where candle packaging shines. When having your product boxes made, choose one of these materials.

The Material Used in Candle Boxes

All products seem to tend to interact with their potential customers. Among the several ways companies can achieve this, packaging is one of the options. Enhancing the brand’s appearance will improve its value and increase customer interaction. It is evident now just how crucial and necessary these boxes are.

There are various materials used in candle boxes by printing companies today. Explore these materials and see whether they are helpful to your product.

Paper Kraft material

Kraft paper is usually the preferred material for any customized box. Candles fit best in Kraft boxes. There are many significant specifications about the material, revealing that it is both durable and flexible to the same degree. Therefore, Kraft is an ideal choice for delicate items. At the same time, it can handle heavy objects. This material can also be shaped and sized to fit any requirement. You can add a window to the box as well. You can do that easily.

Cardboard Material

Cardboard is another popular material that is also useful for wholesale boxes. Manufacturing the material involves taking premium quality sheets and compressing them under high pressure. It makes the material sturdy and durable. As a result of compressing the material, the candle boxes gain maximum durability, allowing fragile items to be stored inside. This material is rigid and durable, yet it also has an outer layer that is smooth and convenient to hold.

Square window boxes

These boxes typically contain candles. One side of these boxes only has a window. Some packaging has windows on all four sides of the box, making it easy to display the candle. Transparent plastic covers the window areas of the box to give it a convincing effect. The box has graphics from all sides. Adding a ribbon handle to a box’s appearance enhances its appeal. In this way, the candle fits perfectly inside the lantern’s box.

Box in the shape of a dome

This type of box often contains candles as gifts. Ideally, a perfect hut contains a square box attached to a triangle box on top. The box usually has a window on the front, while the back contains information about how to use and store the candle. As a result, the two other sides mostly have the company logo or a pattern. These boxes pack large candles and jars of wax.

Tray box

Floating candles come in boxes like these. The manufacturers add partitions between the boxes to maintain shape and avoid friction. They help keep the candles in place. There are two kinds of tray covers – cardboard material lids and laminated plastic sheets. As a way to add elegance and to shape the gift, ribbons adorn the trays.

Tuck top rectangle box.

These boxes pack individual candles or tower candles. When the box is horizontal, this becomes vertical; when it is vertical, this becomes horizontal. Roll a separate sheet of newspaper or butter paper around each candle to prevent the candle from going out of shape. Sometimes corrugated sheet partitions are used if weight is an issue.


These partitions are inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. When the companies have to provide in bulk, they use the Custom Candle Packaging Wholesale. This lowers the product’s overall cost.

Corrugated Material

Another typical type is corrugated material. Candle boxes often consist of this type. The best and most reliable of all three types is the corrugated material. As a result, it is the best material to use for any type of shipping worldwide. Shipping candles from one place to another is a breeze using these boxes. The boxes ensure that your candles consignment, which is highly sensitive and delicate, will be delivered safely.


Because of this, sensitive products benefit from these materials. Boxes made of cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft packaging have continually proven to be the best in their field. For the best of your products, you need to pay attention to the boxes as much as possible. It is possible to make them in any size or shape that you like. The best part is they are reusable so, you can reuse them after they have served the purpose of displaying your precious candles.

Label your candles with a custom design

By using this method, you can show your customers the specifications of your candles at a minimal cost. Custom tags on your packaging will help your customers quickly identify your candles. There are many different boxes available for small, medium, and large candles. By creating a custom label, you can ensure everyone knows what they will get when buying wholesale candles. Displaying your creativity and showcasing your business is possible with custom candles boxes.

Add precautions. 

A candle company will add unique artwork or print some noticeable details to the packaging to make it look appealing. But candles can also be highly hazardous. Hence, they add a warning label, such as keeping away from children. When you see a flame flickering, stay away from the fabric or material that catches fire. They also add the storage conditions so that the candle will not melt.

Nowadays, wholesale candle packaging with unique prints and styles is quite popular. The candle manufacturers use various themes to decorate their candle boxes to attract their attention. With printed candle boxes, the users can obtain the product at a low cost to afford it.

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