It’s important to send a greeting card to someone, let’s use handwrytten.com

There are many ways to say goodbye to those closest to you. One of them is sending greeting cards. If you are interested in sending a greeting card, you can try the service from handwrytten.com to send handwritten cards.


So, what are the products offered by this website? What kind of greeting card will be sent to the other party? What is the price range for ordering this service?


Let’s look at the following review to find out the details of each of these questions.


What is handwrytten.com?

This website is one of the parties that provides online handwritten greeting card delivery services. Since 2014, this website has sent more than five million greeting card orders.


Greeting Card Writing Innovation

The writings listed on the greeting cards are made by certain robots that work sophisticatedly. Although it is written with a robot, the writing looks very similar to human handwriting with various fonts.


In a day, the robot can make about 500 notes or greeting cards. Sending an ordered greeting card can be very fast like sending an email.


What is the function of greeting cards?

There are several functions of greeting cards, including:

  1. Establish a relationship
  2. Show respect and affection for others
  3. Can be used as a memory or a beautiful memory
  4. Train one’s creative power


Note Ordering Fee

The amount of the reservation price depends on the type of service requested by a person. Service prices start at $3.25 and there are discounts on some types of services as well.


This website also applies business pricing. About 80% of the customers from this website come from certain business people or companies. Before ordering the service, you can state your background so that you can get a more affordable business price.


Delivery Time Note

This website will send every note ordered in the form of a first class post. Usually shipping by post in the United States will take approximately 2-5 business days.


Customers from overseas, such as Canada and 180 other countries can also order note services from this website. However, a $1.30 fee will apply for international postage.


Gift Card inclusion

Customers can also request this website to include delivery of gift cards (gift cards) from several popular brands. Some of them are Starbucks, Amazon, Visa, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other well-known brands. There is also an additional fee to send handwritten cards.


Adding a Business Card

If you are a business person, then you can add a business card to your notes or greeting cards. You can do this as long as the business card is light and can fit in a 5×7 envelope.


This business card addition service will cost you $0.25. If you are interested you can directly contact the contacts listed on this website.


You can subscribe to the service from this website if you want to send some notes to your colleagues. For shipping costs, shipping taxes are subject to applicable regulations.


Such is the review of sending greeting cards with the services of handwrytten.com. Come on, try using the services of this website. Take good notes on important moments from your friends, spouse, or family members. Next, give them an attractive greeting card or gift card. Show that they are also a valuable part of your life.


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