How to Use Your Phone When You Are Travelling Abroad?

It is easy to forget that you are getting excessively charged for using mobile phone data while going abroad, and that surprise is not so good when you come back home to your monthly bill. While you are preparing all your information like passport, vaccinations, medical care, etc., and converting currency, you also need to take extra measures to take care of your phone usage for going abroad too. This article will discuss what you can do to make sure your phone can be used outside the country, what could be the potential charges and more.

Make a Temporary International Travel Plan

With the international travel plan, you can utilize your mobile phone’s apps, texting, maps, and other features without paying the roaming rates. 

Whoever your mobile phone service provider is, discuss with them the best way to utilize an international travel plan. The various mobile phone providers offer different coverage for using mobile phone data in different countries. Consider Xfinity; whatever Xfinity mobile plans you go for, you will have to pay additiona amounts for traveling to different countries around the world in the case that you want internet there. Also, they can be on a monthly basis or pay-as-you-go.

Check the Phone’s Band & Frequency Ranges

There might be some cases when your mobile phone carrier is unable to provide service to your travel destination, then you may need to take an unlocked phone to a new carrier on a short-term basis. Now, this might be a dilemma; your phone’s bands and frequency ranges might prevent you from being able to use the phone. 

Frequency is referred to as vibrations in a certain medium. Each mobile phone provider works on different frequencies and bands. Your phone’s band or frequency might turn out to be incompatible with the mobile phone carrier at your destination, and then you cannot use your mobile phone with that carrier.

Rent/Purchase Prepaid International Phone 

Many mobile phone service providers offer international plans that are unlocked and ready to be used while you go abroad, and are also included in many flavors such as unlimited long-distance calls, standard pay-per-minute options, etc. Many mobile carriers in the US have phone rental programs that may provide you with a discount on a rental device. 

Replace SIM card

You are probably aware of what a SIM card is. It is a very small memory chip that stores data about your mobile phone use. However, a SIM card stores information from its country of origin. Such information can be easily transferred from one mobile phone device to another, which makes the process of switching mobile phone devices for international travel really simple for you. When you move your SIM card to a new mobile phone device, you can make and receive calls and texts with the same mobile phone device and also access mobile data.

Avoid Data Roaming & Other Charges

Data roaming is when you use data from your mobile network when abroad. It is a very useful tool for keeping in touch with others conveniently. Reach out to your mobile phone carrier to check if they have any international roaming plans to get information on how much you need to pay for the data you use. you will also need to keep an eye on your data usage while abroad so that your bill doesn’t cross the reasonable level of your budgetary need. 

Turn Off Your Mobile Phone Data

If you feel like your mobile phone data charges are too excessive for you, you can always choose to turn that off. It can also burn your mobile phone battery when constantly looking for a network to connect to. 

You can instead turn on the Wi-Fi connection since it doesn’t take any additional data charges for usage. However, you will need to take cybersecurity measures when accessing any public Wi-Fi network. Also through Wi-Fi network connection, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. are some of the communication alternatives that you can use.

Keep Mobile Phone Charged

Access to reliable information and tools online will only prove to be useful if your phone is in working condition. All your robust international data plans are rendered useless if you are not able to keep your mobile phone charged. 

One thing you can do is have a suitable electrical plug adapter for your travel destination. Generally, there are 12-15 types of adapters and each country has different types of combinations of plug adapters. You must invest in suitable adapters so that you can keep your mobile phone charged during your travels. 

Another thing to consider is an external battery pack for keeping your mobile phone charged in places where you don’t have access to an electrical outlet. 

Final Thoughts

Since you are far away from the comfort and luxury of your home and locality, there are risks of your mobile phone malfunctioning, mobile data running out, losing your mobile phone connection as your only source of information, etc. That is why you need to prepare beforehand to minimize such risks.

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