Face Recognition Online – Encrypted Features and Global Use Cases

Over the past few years, technologies have massively transformed the world’s functioning. Where industries are adopting digital methods to attract customers and widespread their assistance, criminals are equipping themselves alongside. This way they can exploit the industry’s legit processes. Criminals use various methods to fake an identity and reap illicit benefits. For instance, the use of 2D or 3D masks, deepfakes, and spoofing.

Therefore, every industry including law enforcement, e-commerce, gaming and gambling, security, healthcare, and cryptocurrency needs robust solutions to identify customers by screening their faces. Face identification online provide potential solutions to authenticate customers’ identities and ensure compliance with KYC and AML regulations. The solutions are backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that provide encrypted security and accuracy with fewer chances of errors. As per UsaVisa, 86% of customers reported that they prefer face identification over other methods. 

Face Verification Services – Encrypted Attributes  

Face verification services are available in Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 model the game-changer in identity recognition methods. Mainly because of their seamless scanning and verification in real-time with less time involved. Digital solutions offer various features that enable industries to assure customer satisfaction and security of information. Also, industries can detect and deter criminal threats in time. Read on to explore the services provided by digital solutions:

Deep-Fakes Verification  

Deepfakes refer to the criminal’s practice where the real entity is replaced with the camouflaged one either in a selfie or a video. However, the industries while onboarding customers ask for a real-time selfie or video. The system then maps the face and extracts required features, carries out a retina scan, and authenticates the identity. The system then uses AI technology to cross-match faces against the documents. Industries employing these solutions can prevent deep fakes while identifying customers’ real identities. 

Liveness Detection

When customers are asked for a real-time photo or video, the system also detects liveness alongside facial verification. Liveness detection ensures that the customer is present behind the screen. Therefore, liveness detention is the reliable and authentic solution for preventing spoofing attacks as well as if there is the use of any mask. Criminals trying to dodge biometric or document verification will have liveness detection in the way as a barrier. 

3D In-depth Analyses 

3D in-depth analyses authenticate the uploaded documents while detecting tampering if any. The checks include intelligence, facial trait scans, skin texture, veins pattern, and more. The system then extracts required features and crosschecks them against databases. After the process finishes, the system presents the results as verified or declined. 

Face Match Online – Global Uses Cases

Businesses of all types are incorporating digital solutions to ensure they are assisting legit customers. Through face match online solutions, they can identify criminals trying to hinder the verification systems. Moreover, digital solutions provide a seamless experience while involving fewer resources. Global use cases of digital face verification include:

Law Enforcement Agencies

The law enforcement sector ranks on the top to ensure public security and verify criminals before they carry out their malicious activities. Moreover, they must identify suspicious activities before they take their worst form. Hence, law enforcement agencies are using facial recognition at check posts and check-ins. Also, they keep track of the previous criminal and keep records up-to-date for avoiding disruptions. By using AI and ML technologies, law enforcement agencies can verify criminals by scanning their retina and vein patterns if they are wearing 2D or 3D masks to hide their identities. 

E-commerce Businesses

The use of encrypted solutions has uplifted the verification processes in the e-commerce industry. They also have made payment methods free from fraud and scams. Legit customers just need to face alongside documents and thor cart requirements and the purchase will be completed. This way e-commerce and retail industry can mitigate the chances of financial frauds, fake orders, abandoned carts, data breaches, and chargebacks. 

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector holds the most sensitive data including treatment records, transaction histories, insurance details, and case histories. This is why patients’ privacy is the healthcare providers’ prime concern. To avoid criminal threats, healthcare centers and affiliated need to conduct face verification to ensure customers’ safety and restrict minors from exploitation. 

End Notes

Face identification online is paving its way toward skyrocketing success. The rapid growth is because the industries trust in this service. The digital assistance of artificial intelligence has made verification more efficient. Ultimately preventing fraud and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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