Did Cooper Mime to Hump A Mannequin With Phallic-Shaped Ice Penis?

Scott Cooper Florida is gaining disrepute on social media. It is a photo, where he is seen humping a female mannequin with a huge phallic-shaped ice penis. Cooper denies it to the journalist from Miami News Time insisting that the photo is a result of bad clicking time and from a bad angle. He tries to set his story right by clarifying the whole photo shoot.

He says the photo was clicked by his barbeque teammate. They were enjoying the barbequing competition at Memphis. There was an ice luge melting on the floor creating a mess. So, Cooper decided to pick it up and throw it across the fence. As he moved across the mannequin to through the ice luge, his teammate captured the moment. He found it funny, so posted it on the internet. 

Scott Cooperclaimed that he never imitated having sex with a mannequin for a photo shoot. Even though the name of his barbequing group is ‘Swinos’ with a tagline keeping it moist…..the impression and opinions or feedback are all wrong. The photo was captured when Cooper was throwing the large ice block. When his newfound notoriety got viral, he blamed his teammates for posting it online.

His teammates were unaware of the repercussion their friend would have to undergo for a long time or every time an opponent pulls it out to shift the heat on a successful political consultant. 

The photo was captured and posted in May 2017 on the internet. It did not catch the attention of the media because it resided for some time and was pulled down by the teammate at Cooper’s request. Cooper claimed that his political rival has contrived its reappearance to discredit him. He insists, he was just throwing an ice block.

Scott Cooper Florida adores cooking and has been therapeutic for him. Being a political consultant is a stressful task. So, when he comes home after a busy day, he starts cooking. He largely adores barbeque and has even appeared in Master Chef Auditions. Food preparation is all about science but plating and presentation need plenty of creativity. He hardly made it to the Top 20 contestants in the Master Chef show but dreams of publishing his barbecue cookbook. 

Cooper is the founder of Strategic Information Consultants which specializes in political and corporate opposition research. He even founded Next Generation Strategies, which is a public affairs firm working with the former Republican Party Chairman of Illinois. Cooper is attached to the Republican Party but in 2011 his company was under scrutiny for conducting investigations into Govt. Rick’s future employees. The firm was paid $25,000 for background check services, which usually is done by state law enforcement agency. 

Scott Cooper Florida has a beautiful family including a son and 3 daughters. He started cooking using fresh ingredients because of his kids. Being a political consultant has its notorious outcome, so maybe the disrespectful photo resurfacing has to do with shifting the heat from genuine political agendas under the radar. 

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