What Makes the N95 Mask Effective for Omicron?

Health officials have implemented massive efforts to curb the highly infectious Omicron. The public is strongly advised to stop using the regular surgical or cloth masks and switch to a KN95 mask or, better, the N95.

The CDC does not explicitly recommend one type of mask over another. Instead, it advises that you put on a mask that provides the highest level of protection. In particular, the preferred mask should properly fit, covering your nose and mouth. Furthermore, it should not leave any gaps on the edges.

All masks are not equal

Wearing any type of mask is better than staying without one. However, not all masks are equal. Some masks have better protection and more layers than others. That explains the difference in the percentage of protection that various masks offer.

The N95 mask made in USA can stop up to 95% of particles roaming in the air. That’s because the mask is tight-fitting and has synthetic material comprising tiny fibers. The N95 masks are highly regulated and provide effective filtration. Their equivalent is the KN95 mask, although this type is not regulated and has some fakes in the market.

The other type of mask that you may find interesting is the KF94. This type of mask is made in South Korea and is billed to filter up to 94% of particles in the air.

Wearing surgical masks does not provide the same level of protection as the N95 mask black. That’s because the mask is less-fitting and has significantly lower filtration ability than the N95s. Similarly, cloth masks may provide physical barriers to coronavirus and its variants but do not have the same filtration ability as surgical masks.

 The N95 mask is the best for Omicron

If you are looking for the best mask for Omicron, you should choose the N95 or its equivalent KN95 mask black.

Omicron has a very high transmissibility rating, making it necessary to rethink how we protect ourselves. Even though cloth masks, surgical masks, and other types of masks may offer some level of protection, the N95 is the most effective for protecting against Omicron.

Keep in mind that the ability of the N95 to protect you depends on how you put it on. Always ensure that it covers the whole mouth and nose, with the nose piece pressed to take your nose shape. Additionally, the two straps at the back of the head should not crisscross. Neither should you have any gaps between the mask and your nose?

Sometimes you may feel as though the N95 is a bit uncomfortable. To prevent that, ensure you are wearing the right size mask. Getting a good-fitting mask allows for breathability and ensures you are comfortable throughout. That means you have fewer chances of taking off the mask. Hence it effectively protects you.

N95 masks indeed cost more than regular masks. The average price ranges anywhere between $1 to $3 per piece. You can reduce the cost of buying these masks by reusing them. In this case, get about six pieces and set a schedule of when each piece is used. Once you wear a piece, leave it in a paper bag for about five days before the next use.

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