What is Cartridge Paper, and How Does It Work? has a huge selection of printing paper, ink & Toner cartridges types. They include glossy and matte photo papers as well adhesive label paper. We also have specialist papers and materials to use with sublimation printers. Customers often ask us, “What’s a cartridge?” Customers frequently ask if cartridge paper is different than regular paper.

Because cartridge paper is a printer type that is not commonly used, it will be a new term for you. This does not mean that cartridge papers are not valuable. It might surprise you to find out how frequently you are using cartridge paper on an everyday basis. You may be surprised that cartridge paper is used most often in artist notebooks and sketchpads.

The Cartridge Is Also Often Found In Flipbooks That Are Used By Animators

Cartridge paper is an art medium that is thick, textured, and high-quality. While cartridge paper is most commonly used for visual artists and designers, as well as concept artists or concept artists it is sometimes referred to by the term “drawing papers”. But cartridge paper has many other valuable uses.

We’ll explore some of those uses in today’s article. Scroll down and learn all about cartridge paper.

For What Purpose Is Cartridge Paper Used?

As mentioned, cartridge papers are most commonly used to produce paper-based visual artists. The unique grainy texture of cartridge paper makes it an ideal substrate for a wide range of pigments, including lead, charcoal, watercolors as well as calligraphy, and oil paints. In many ways, cartridge paper can be considered a great alternative to traditional easels or canvas.

While laser printers won’t have cartridge paper, you will likely find this paper in an art studio or creative space. Cartridge papers are used extensively by artists, animators, and illustrators. They may also be found at creative agencies such as architecture firms, interior design agencies, or software development companies.

This is because cartridge papers can be useful for sketching, drafting and layout. This allows for concept artwork like floor plans and design layouts to be easily mapped out and erased without the paper getting too damaged by excessive handling. In addition to being used for sketching and design purposes, the cartridge paper is often used as a presentation or pamphlet paper. This use will be examined in greater detail shortly.

Can You Print On Cartridge Papers?

To answer the question many printer enthusiasts have been eagerly seeking, here’s the answer: Can you use cartridge paper to print? Given the thickness of this type of paper, it is likely that you are thinking that it will not blend well with your printer. You may be surprised, but many printers are capable to print on cartridge paper with minimal effort. The cartridge paper’s rich texture can provide printer users with stunning prints that look and feel amazing.

How to Get Started With Cartridge Papers?

To print on cartridge paper, simply open your printer’s user manual. Or flip through your printer menu. This is typically found in the tabs of your printer’s user menu, namely Print Settings or Print Dialog. Search these tabs and choose the paper you’d like to print using.

You can make a beautiful design home, print pamphlets for your business, or create mixed media art using cartridge paper. Each experience is different, but it is a satisfying one that comes with its own rewards and learning opportunities. Try a variety of paper weights and types throughout your journey.

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