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Top qualities to look for in a solar panel installer


There are several essential qualities to look for in a solar panel installation company. These include experience, track record, customer service, and licensing. A solar panel installation company should be able to inspire trust from the start and deliver on its promises. The following qualities are essential in a solar panel installation company. Read on to learn about these and more! Also, remember to contact previous clients before making a final decision.


Track record

The company should have a solid track record, with numerous positive customer reviews and a good customer rating. While these reviews will be unrepresentative of all customers, they will provide you with important information. If a solar installer has negative reviews on their website, that might be a sign that they’ll deliver substandard service. If you’re not comfortable reading customer reviews, ask to see previous work by the company before you commit to hiring them.


Another way to check whether the company has a track record is to look for independent online reviews and testimonials on the company’s website. Most reputable solar installers will have a proven track record and are happy to answer questions and discuss details. The best companies also stand behind their work with warranties. Warranty coverage covers problems resulting from a faulty installation, like a panel coming loose during the installation process. Most warranty companies will offer one to ten years of warranty on the design and workmanship of a solar panel installation.



Panel installers should have excellent technical skills, including the ability to maintain and operate tools. They should be able to read manuals and interpret schematics. Furthermore, they should have problem-solving skills, as they may have to troubleshoot electrical issues or work around an improper-sized panel. They should be able to determine any safety hazards that might arise during the installation process and offer solutions that prevent them from happening.


A company should be able to meet deadlines. Small competitors tend to be dependable because they focus more on their reputation and duties. Smaller competitors are also likely to have a better team with low procedural complexity. Larger solar installers may be less reliable as they involve many different parties. In addition, a smaller company is likely to be a more personal affair.


Customer service

The key to customer satisfaction with solar installations is delivering on promised savings. In our study, a solar installer with excellent customer service is 18% more likely to report satisfaction than an incompetent installer. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend the company to friends and family and are more likely to share their experiences. Since solar is a significant investment, customer satisfaction is vital to your financial health.


A good solar panel installation company will provide warranties that cover the work done by the technician. A warranty is usually between one and ten years, so ask about it before hiring an installer. Also, some installers will use subcontractors, which is standard practice in the industry. While this is common, it can be alarming if the company does not disclose its entire process. So, look for a solar installer who provides the highest level of transparency possible.



As a consumer, you want to ensure that the company you hire is licensed. A license will prove that the company is skilled at installing solar panels, and certification will help you have peace of mind. Though these are voluntary, they assure you that the solar panel installation company can do a quality job. Moreover, licensing and certification help build trust with customers.


A licensed solar panel installer will also have insurance. Licensing is necessary because the company should be able to provide insurance and have a business license in your state. In some states, solar panel installation is prohibited by law, so it is best to check the local regulations before hiring a company. A licensed solar panel installer has the appropriate certifications and skills to do a quality job. It will also have years of experience in the field and have learned practical techniques and strategies. 



A solar panel installer must be insured for their services. This coverage is essential because it protects you against unforeseen circumstances. It is also recommended because your insurance policy may not cover the cost of solar panels. In addition to having insurance coverage, solar contractors must be responsible for securing the necessary permits and licenses to install solar panels. Without this coverage, you could face financial hardship if your solar panels malfunction or even collapse.


The best solar installers will have the necessary licensing and insurance coverage for your needs, like Jinko solar panels installer. You should ask for their license number and check with the appropriate authorities to verify that they are licensed and insured to operate in your state.

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