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Top Benefits of Gardening With Kids

Gardening is a great way to improve the senses of your kids. It also builds physical strength, develops motor skills, and enhances brain development. And, it is free! It is a great way to reduce stress and promote healthy eating habits. If you’ve ever wanted to give your kids a break from the TV or video games, gardening is a perfect way. Listed below are the top benefits of gardening with your children.


Reduces stress

Outside benefits are well-known, but did you know that gardening with kids at South Morang Community Garden can also help reduce stress? Kids can gain a sense of accomplishment by tending to a flower garden or picking up leaves in a park. They can also feel good about doing something positive for the environment, like growing vegetables. A recent study in the Netherlands found that getting outside and working in a garden helped decrease stress hormones such as cortisol levels. The researchers found that those who spent 30 minutes gardening had lower cortisol levels and greater mood restoration.


Another benefit of gardening with kids is that it boosts social interaction, which benefits kids’ overall health. Experts say that positive relationships with others are the most important things to feel good. By working together, parents and kids can achieve that. The gardening results will be visible in their children’s behaviour, and parents will feel better.

Builds muscles

Did you know that gardening can build muscles? This activity is excellent for developing both academic and physical skills. Children engage in different movements while working in the garden and practice hand-eye coordination, squatting, lifting, carrying, and more. They learn how to work together. Also, gardening can help kids stay focused and calm. 


Besides keeping your family fit, gardening is also a fun physical activity. It can help children develop their hand-eye coordination and immunity. Kids love getting their hands dirty, and they’ll have a blast playing in the dirt with you! Getting their hands dirty will help them develop strong muscles and hand-eye coordination. Gardening is also a fun activity for energetic children. The kids will love it and feel great about themselves afterwards.


Teaches patience

Parents, be patient when gardening with your children. Patience is a skill that can be cultivated throughout one’s life. Setting appropriate expectations and ensuring patience is key to making gardening fun for the entire family. Set a good example by cultivating patience and being patient yourself. As a parent, you must model patience for your children. Remember, you are the best example of patience. It is challenging to finish everything in one day, so take it slow and enjoy the process.


When gardening with kids, the rewards of patience will be many. Having to wait a while to harvest your vegetables and flowers is an excellent example of patience in action. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, children will likely want to pull and wash them out while they’re still young. Fortunately, most plants are far enough to let you wash them off. Instilling patience in children early on will be important later on.


Promotes healthy eating habits

Growing food in school gardens is one way to promote healthy eating habits in children. These gardens have multiple benefits for students beyond improving their health. Those who work in them report 12 to 15 percent higher standardized test scores and 94% higher engagement in daily class activities. Moreover, these schools also experience lower teacher turnover. Growing vegetables and fruits in school gardens is a great way to encourage a healthier lifestyle.


Gardening with children promotes good communication, patience, and responsibility, which are vital in adulthood. Studies also show that children exposed to nature are more likely to eat healthily. These benefits benefit children and have wider applications, such as combating the scourge of childhood obesity. Gardening has numerous benefits for kids regarding health, physical development, and social interactions.


Develops self-confidence

Children can develop self-confidence by nurturing plants. Observing the natural world will teach them about the relationship between cause and effect. The plants will grow if you water them properly and will die if you leave weeds to overgrow. While some kids don’t like new foods, gardening with kids helps them grow their taste buds. After all, they can harvest and eat the fruits of their labour.


Promotes family bonding

When gardening with children, you can teach them responsibility and nature love. Kids are naturally curious, and a gardening activity allows them to explore the outdoors. By working together, you’ll get exercise while learning more about the world. This activity can also promote family bonding because everyone involved will benefit from the experience. Kids can even help plan and maintain the garden together. You and your children can even plan a party while you’re gardening!


Many adults enjoy gardening with their parents, especially in the springtime, and it can become a family tradition that lasts into adulthood. Kids can decide what to plant together and plan meals around their produce. Gardening with children helps kids learn responsibility because they’re responsible for taking care of their plants. A checklist can help children remember the steps necessary to take care of their plants. Ultimately, family gardening will improve your bonding and communication.


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