Pros and Cons of Using a Digital Workspace in 2022

A few decades ago, if someone asked us if we liked the idea of a digital workspace, we would have replied: is it even a thing? 

Well, we aren’t living in the 90s; in this decade, Digital Workspace is real. And this concept has been evolving ever since the pandemic hit us. 

In a nutshell, a Digital Workspace is a set of advanced technologies allowing distributed teams to access corporate resources and collaborate seamlessly by breaking communication barriers in work-from-home and hybrid environments. 

It is a software solution that allows employees to come together and collaborate effortlessly on projects without geographical restrictions. 

Since companies have benefited from such solutions, it seems fitting to weigh the pros and cons of the same and see if this really is something that can help us bridge that communication gap that builds as we scatter. 

Pros of Switching to a Digital Workspace in 2022

  1. Better productivity

Imagine sitting in a room full of paper stacks with the responsibility of finding that one document that you forgot to tag and misfiled. You wouldn’t have been in this situation had you relied on a document management system earlier and securely stored all your important documents there. 

A workspace is usually a part of a DMS. It doesn’t only help with storing crucial corporate documents but also ensures easy and quick retrieval of the same whenever the need arises. This saves your employees hours they waste regularly on recreating versions of misplaced files. 

Simple math says the more you manage and organize, the more time you have to perform tasks requiring your expertise. Therefore, improved productivity. 

  1. Improved collaboration

The primary objective of switching to a workspace is to break the communication and collaboration barriers that the work-from-home models have put in place. Workspaces allow employees to come together at a platform and collaborate without the restrictions that distance creates. 

Moreover, the collaboration process is meant to improve when your team can conjointly work on the same documents without creating different versions, which further creates confusion due to duplicacy. 

  1. Increased revenue 

Your company’s overall revenue is also meant to increase with increased productivity. More importantly, a digital workspace will eliminate all the chances of things going wrong. Whatever challenges your team might have faced during the pandemic regarding communication, collaboration and setting up workflows, you can sort all that out with the help of a digital workspace. 

All of that adds up and does bring significant monetary benefits; the condition is you choose a workspace that is efficient and suits your requirements. 

  1. Better organization

A digital workspace like dox2U helps you organize things seamlessly and sets up a system of everything in place, so it doesn’t feel like chaos anymore. Whether paper-based documents or digitized versions of the same, organization is the key to putting an arrangement in place that revives the lost efficiency of your employees. 

Moreover, organizing documents manually over platforms is another headache. Smart DMS like dox2U makes the process of organization of documents easier with the help of category-specific tags and labels, which further helps during information retrieval. 

Some software solutions are also empowered enough to club similar documents together, so you don’t have to do the same manually. You just have to choose wisely. 

  1. Data security 

A digital workspace empowers you to carry on business transactions securely. Traditionally, to engage in confidential business transactions, one had to rely on paper-based documentation, which undoubtedly was prone to theft, wrongful access, unauthorized usage, and many other activities that can jeopardize the business operation. 

With the help of a digital workspace, one can securely engage in such transactions without worrying about losing control over their information. Such software solutions are advanced and created with state-of-the-art technology to maintain the highest data protection and security standards. 

Cons of Switching to a Digital Workspace in 2022

  1. Requires training

Switching to a document management system and automating workflows sounds like a very tempting process, and it is, too, considering the benefits it brings to organizations. However, transitioning to a virtual environment could come as a challenge to individuals who are habitual of working with paper-based documents and traditional cabinet systems. 

To do the same effortlessly, one will have to set up training sessions and workshops for employees who are not very familiar with the functionality of such softwares. 

  1. Budget constraints 

Many start-ups today understand the importance of technology and the benefits it brings. But as they have budget constraints, they keep themselves from taking the next step and investing. 

The truth is some softwares is costly, but there are alternatives too. Alternatives like dox2U offer users lifetime free plans, subject to a few conditions and the company’s overall requirements. 

Concluding Remarks 

Opting for a software solution like a digital workspace is a solution to many problems businesses have faced since this work-from-home era began. But be mindful because some of them lack a basic functionality that can be a deal breaker: integration. 

Softwares that stores information in different formats and folders, like Google Drive, keeps users who do not have access to the same from knowing the existence of such information, complicating the retrieval process. 

What you need is a digital workspace that offers a shared repository of all documents so navigating through them becomes easier. The most significant benefit that dox2U brings is integration and the ability to maintain transparency within your organization by leveraging such features. 

Also, they have a lifetime free plan for those with budget constraints. Visit their website and see if you are eligible. 

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