How To Wash & Care For Your Khakis

Khakis require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking good. They need to be washed with a mild detergent and hung to dry on a low heat setting. You should also avoid using bleach or drying them in a confined space. These steps will help your khakis last longer.

Avoid Overwashing

It is important to wash your khakis inside out, rather than outside out. This will help to prevent abrasion and wear along the pockets and waistband. Also, make sure to zip all zippers and buttons before washing. Cold water will also help prevent fraying. Choosing the right detergent is crucial for keeping your khakis in good condition.

A good cleanser will have a mild but not too harsh formula. This can help reduce any odor your Khakis may have. If you wash your khakis too often, you can cause your khakis to feel dry. This will make them less comfortable. The right cleanser will also be gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Avoid Washing With Bleach

When caring for Khakis, it’s important to avoid washing them with bleach. Chlorine bleach is harmful for your khakis, and it will damage the fabric. Khakis made from cotton or wool will turn white when bleached, but nylon and silk will keep their color and won’t turn white. While you can wash cotton or silk khakis, it won’t help the fabric if they are made of a blend of these two materials. Bleach will also create ugly patches, which isn’t good for your khakis.

To avoid bleach damage, you should try to spot-treat oil-based stains with a special stain remover. If these fail to remove, you can add a little bleach to your wash. However, you should make sure you rinse the fabric after bleaching. It’s also a good idea to wear gloves while handling bleach. Also, if you have a stain, don’t let the bleach touch your skin, as this can make it worse. If you do get a stain, use a clean white cloth to blot it out. If it’s a tough stain, you can also try soaking your entire garment in a weak bleach solution.

If you must use bleach to remove a stain, read the label carefully and use a bleach product that’s specifically meant for washing clothes. It’s best to use bleach only when the stain is fresh and the color hasn’t changed. Then, use a white cloth to blot the area to remove excess bleach. You can also use a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Once you’ve blotted the stain, rinse the garment with cold water.

Avoid Drying Khakis In Confined Spaces

When you wash khakis, always wash them inside out. This will reduce abrasion, especially around hems, pockets, and the waistband. It is also important to zip up buttons and zippers to prevent snagging. Finally, when you wash khakis, make sure to use cold water to prevent snagging.

Avoid Washing Khakis With Dark Colors

Khakis are best kept in a separate laundry basket from other colored clothes. The fabric of khakis is usually cotton, but they can also be made of linen or polyester. You can wash most khakis on a normal cycle in cold water, but some may need special care. Keeping khakis in a separate laundry basket will help keep them looking fresh and clean, while preventing fading and color transfer.

Khakis are typically light in color, so if you’re washing them with a dark-colored pair of jeans, you should keep the colors of khakis and jeans separate. In addition, make sure to turn your khakis inside-out before washing. You should also turn jeans and khakis inside out to protect their buttons and zippers. Wear a pair of brown shoes to compliment your look. Mid wash denim is an excellent alternative to tailored trousers.

Unlike jeans, khakis don’t hide dirt as well as jeans do. They also absorb more oil and perspiration from the body than jeans, which can result in stains. For this reason, it’s important to wash your khakis as often as possible. If you do accidentally stain them, wash them immediately. In some cases, spot cleaning with a stain-removal solution is the easiest way to remove them. But if you need to wash them again, you should use a commercial stain-remover solution.


Khakis are a versatile piece of clothing that requires very little care. Although experts recommend cleaning them whenever they appear sweaty or stained, they can be worn several times in between washing cycles. This article will cover some simple ways to take care of khakis that will help them last longer.

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