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Provided they are eligible, low-income individuals can apply for the Housing Program of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The goal of this program is to provide a safe rental environment, reducing the possibility of fraud or discrimination and providing affordable options to those most in need.

How do I enroll in HUD’s rental assistance program?

HUD has several programs to guarantee the right of vulnerable populations to decent housing in the United States . In addition to the grants from its Community Development Block Grant program , which seeks to develop friendly neighborhoods hand in hand with cities, states or organizations, there is the Housing Choice Voucher program (also known as Section 8), through which eligible people receive vouchers to rent a home of their choice, as long as it meets the program criteria.

According to , despite being a federal program, the application to enroll must be made to the local public housing agency . This agency will be in charge of determining the applicant’s eligibility based on:

1. Annual gross income.

2. Citizenship or immigration status.

In addition, the agency will consider whether it is a person with a disability, an older adult, or a family . In the specific case of families, the number of members will be taken into account. Although these programs tend to vary from state to state, the steps to enroll are typically as follows:

1. Contact your local housing agency for assistance in enrolling in this program.

2. Complete a written request, usually through a form.

3. Submit to the evaluation of the agency representative. This evaluation has to do with the eligibility criteria. The information obtained by the agency will be verified with other state and federal agencies.

4. If accepted into the program, the applicant must seek housing that also meets the health and safety criteria established by the local agency.

When this benefit is granted, the vouchers will likely cover a portion of the rent (most of it) and the beneficiary will have to cover a small remaining portion, depending on the amount of rent that has been agreed upon with the landlord. In addition to the voucher program, HUD has a rental assistance program with other eligibility criteria established by the local agency.

The dream of many is to be able to live and spend their years with their family in a property that they own, invest what they pay in rent in a mortgage and have some certainty about the future. All that is what allows you to acquire your own house. And to achieve that goal, the different banks make mortgage loans available to buyers, whose products can vary from one financial institution to another, so you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs. But what is handled in a general way, in most cases, are the requirements that are requested to process it. 

If you have the idea that applying for a mortgage is a complicated and cumbersome process, you are right, financial institutions will not make your way so easy, since they must make sure that you are a person they can trust, that you have or will have enough economic solvency to settle your debt and that, in the event of not being able to pay it, will grant you your property without clinging to not leaving it.

If you are looking for a house and you are already totally sure, one of the main recommendations that we can give you in Solo Dinero is that you look for a bank to give you prior approval of a mortgage before defining your property, so you will have a much better version more realistic about how much money you will be able to pay each month.

According to various experts, once you have found your property, you must present your offer and from that moment you must wait for the mortgage closing process to take around 45 days to complete. 

Taking into account all this context, then, the most common requirements to take out a mortgage loan in the United States are:

1.- Check various lender options: Do not get married with a single idea. The more you can verify, the more options you will have and thus you will be able to analyze which ones offer you the lowest rates , with lower interests, among other things.

2.- Submit current employment vouchers: Lenders are interested in knowing what your current employment situation is and to see how stable your economy can be. Then you will most likely be asked for your current employer’s information, including his name, phone number and address, how long you have been working with him, your position and your total salary, which includes overtime, bonuses and salary. commissions.

3.-Submit proof of income: In this section, the documents that will be requested are two years of W-2 forms, profit and loss statement if you are self-employed, proof of pension, Social Security income, of any public assistance you receive, some proof of family support or alimony. Your pay stubs must be from the last 90 days. In addition, you must submit proof of any other income if any. As well as your federal tax returns.

4.- Asset vouchers: Refers to bank accounts , real estate vouchers if you already have them, investments (stocks, bonds, retirement accounts), income from the sale of your current home.

5.- Proof of debts: of any current mortgage , liens, alimony, child support, car loans, child support, credit card statements, to name a few.

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