Feature List Review – Airtable Software vs Replicon

The Airtable software was introduced in 2012 and it is a no-code automation platform for app development and workflow management. The reason that many users prefer Airtable over several others is due to its ability to provide detailed solutions to create interfaces and manage tasks through visual tools. The Replicon software was created in 1996 and it integrates timesheets to track resources, time, and expenses. 

A brief guide to Airtable software vs Replicon features will provide an in-depth review of each:

Airtable Software

The Airtable software is ideal for users who are engaged in app development. At the same time, it provides a low-code automation system to manage workflows. Here are some of the products that make Airtable stand out: 

Interface Designer 

It is crucial to have access to an interface that provides all the necessary tools and is easy to manage. The interface designer product on the Airtable software helps you create interfaces even if you lack coding knowledge. You can utilize Airtable bases to process apps. In fact, you can import important data to the software and turn it into actionable task lists. At the same time, you can also share important details with the rest of the team. 

You also do not have to spend hours designing interfaces as everything can be managed within minutes. The drag-and-drop interface lets you manage details and shift them around easily. It also accommodates users by giving them the option to build dashboards for stakeholders that show information specific to their tasks. 


The features that fall under this category provide visual management to help you align tasks with other aspects like dates and locations. The Kanban board view defines progress, stakeholder activities, and deliverables. You can drag and drop the information to visualize the information according to your priorities. 

The Gantt view is perfect for tracking time so you can efficiently meet the deadlines. It will also help you manage task dependencies and milestones so you can define the sequence of the tasks. The Calendar view further enhances your work as you can manage upcoming events. In fact, team members can see what others are up to as well. 

Grid view provides a flexible UI so you can keep track of the information in a comprehensive and simple board. There are many other components that provide visual management options like Gallery view and Form view as well. 


There are multiple details that require manual task management. On the other hand, manual task management requires time and is liable to errors too. The automation options provide a sustainable way to reduce the clutter of manual management of tasks. You can define either a single task or create rules to execute a complex sequence of tasks. 

Moreover, you can integrate important daily work tools like Slack, Facebook, or Twitter, to further improve automated processes. Even if you do not know traditional coding, you can extend the functionality even if you know a little bit about JavaScript. 

Airtable Software Reviews

There are hundreds of Airtable software reviews that hail it as one of the best options for creating apps and developing interfaces as it can be used to monitor them from several angles. 

Airtable Pricing 

The Airtable pricing is available in four versatile plans where each is able to support a team of different sizes. The free plan can even be used by startups. The Airtable cost of the plus plan is $10, the pro plan costs $20, and the cost of the enterprise is generated. 


Replicon software is an employee time-tracking tool. Time intelligence is as vital to organizations as emotional intelligence is to people.


The TimeBill product provides options to track time in relation to budgets for defined and accurate billing. The intuitive time capture function can be used to configure timesheets for heightened accuracy as you can tell how much time the projects require. 

Moreover, you can track billable hours as well as non-billable hours before you assign tasks to clients. Similarly, you can enhance the context by adding relevant attachments to project time entries as well. 


This product provides time tracking tools to capture accurate time and costs of projects. It integrates information defined by your business and lets you track time by hour, week, or month. The pre-populated timesheets make it easier to enter the completion and submission details. In fact, resources can also enter time off bookings to capture out-of-office time. 

If you have an online workforce, you can manage it through real-time GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities. 


You can also track expenses by setting customs rules in adherence to your business policies. In addition, you can incorporate your business codes into expenses as well. There is also the option to choose your expenses to either be flat or flexible. 

The taxes are calculated automatically once you define the tax formula for calculation. The users can also capture up-to-the-minute project time so they can bill their clients without running into errors.  

Replicon Reviews

According to the Replicon reviews, it can be assumed that the software has been able to resolve queries regarding project time, which is helpful in generating accurate bills. 

Replicon Pricing 

The Replicon pricing is available by product and by segment. By product, the cost of the TimeBill QuickStart is $60 and can be used by five users per month. The TimeBill Plus costs $22. The ProjectTime for basic features is $18 whereas ProjectTime Plus is priced at $22. 

The TimeOff Plus charges $6 and TimeOff Enterprise costs around $8. Finally, the Expense QuickStart is billed for $3, and the Expense Plus is for $5. The enterprise option cost is generated for each firm based on their requirements. 

Final Call – Airtable Software vs Replicon 

Each of the two platforms has a distinct range of features and each can be used to simplify project management. The Airtable software is efficient no-code development software whereas Replicon can be used to pace up product development through timesheets. 

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