HR Manager’s Checklist For Workplace Experience Solution

The success of a business majorly depends on its workforce. But to tap into an employee’s potential, it is essential that they are happy and motivated. But ensuring this in a hybrid setup can be tricky. Human resource managers face several challenges while managing employees, such as,

  • Increasing employee productivity 
  • Managing remote work
  • Ensuring proper communication 
  • Maintaining the health and well-being of employees
  • Retaining talent in the company

A workplace experience solution helps you deal with all this and much more. But before you invest in one, there are a few things that you must look for. Let’s dive in to see what they are.

Six Must-Have Features In A Workplace Experience Solution For HR Managers

1. Making reservations

The IoT platform of a workplace experience solution must show space availability in real-time. This will allow users to book meeting rooms, workstations, parking lots, and other amenities. Its AI-powered features can also make suggestions based on the user’s inputs.

If someone cancels a booking, the system should automatically update it for all the users. By doing so, others can book an available room or slot, reducing time and space wastage. 

HR managers can use the workplace experience solution to track and monitor employees anytime and anywhere.

2. Enforcing collaboration

The pandemic has shown us the perks of remote work. But, in-person collaborations are still in style. In hybrid workspaces, effective collaboration between teams and departments can be a challenge. But a workplace experience software can help HR managers achieve it.

For this, the software must have features to encourage collaboration in the following ways:

  • Enabling people to book a seat near their teammates. 
  • Notifying all meeting participants of the date, time, and room number.
  • Instantly sharing project schedules with a team, etc.

HR managers can also use the same workplace experience solution to oversee these engagements. They must even get real-time employee feedback on the solution’s efficacy or other company policies if necessary. 

3. Compliance with health and safety protocols

Health and safety are one of the biggest concerns for HR managers these days. A workplace experience solution with suitable features can help create a safe workplace for employees and visitors. Before investing in one, make sure it has the following features-

  • Contactless Acces Management: This reduces the need to touch foreign surfaces. Employees can use their mobile phones to access rooms or resources.
  • Contact Tracing: The software can use its visitor management system to track the movement of all employees and visitors in the building.
  • Health Surveys: HR managers can use the platform to circulate a basic health questionnaire from time to time. This can include any ailments, vaccination status, readiness to come to the office, etc.

In addition, a workplace experience solution can also aid in work-life balance. It automates daily operations, so employees and managers can focus on their tasks better.

4.  Data Collection and Analysis

The company carries out numerous processes every day. As an HR manager, you must analyze them regularly for a smooth workflow. A workplace experience solution should make it easy to record all the tasks and operations. 

The software must also have an option to analyse and generate reports. This will help you gain relevant insights into

  • Growth
  • Engagement
  • Productivity

Clear metrics and accurate reports will also allow the company to make data-based decisions to identify the problem areas and take necessary actions without any delay. 

5. Minimal Human Intervention

Direct labor cost is one of the most significant expense for an employer. Also, HR processes take up a lot of time and effort of the team. A workplace experience solution must reduce labor costs and efforts by:

  • Optimizing schedules
  • Reducing the need to work overtime
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Boosting the productivity of desk-less workers

An excellent example of this benefit is the wayfinding feature in the workplace experience solution. It provides directional support to employees and visitors digitally. This eliminates the need for extra staff. 

By doing this, the workplace experience solution allows HRs to spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more on core business activities. 

6. Easy Integrations

The pandemic accelerated the shift to hybrid work in a matter of months. But HR managers can make this transition smoother with a workplace experience solution.

The software is a digital layer accessible to employees through their mobile phones and laptops. All they have to do is download the app.

Or, many workplace experience solutions provide easy integrations into the apps already existing in a workplace. This saves HR managers the time and effort of training their employees on how to use the technology. 

Get A Workplace Experience Software Now. 

The multi-faceted benefits of a workplace experience solution make it an attractive investment. And for all HR managers, a necessity. WorkInSync workplace experience platform comes with an array of features that help in improving employee experience. You can also improve company culture. 

The mobile app is easy to use and helps in workplace management. For more information, schedule a demo today. 

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