Can Feeling Stressed Make You Angry and Wreck Your Career?

Being dedicated to your job and putting in the hard work are great qualities. Regardless of your sector, being passionate about your job and striving toward professional advancement can help you climb the career ladder. 

With that said, stress levels can quickly rise and affect your work performance if you have a lot of responsibility. Too much of it can cause anxiety and anger and, ultimately, ruin your chances of progressing. Here are some ways stress can impact your career.

Poor Work Performance

If your stress levels are high, this can have a significant impact on your work. When you’re working under pressure, you may make easy mistakes with your work that could come back to bite you. If you’re struggling to combat this, your worries can spill into the workplace and make it difficult to stay productive. One of the most effective changes you can make is to start practicing relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises. These can be done at the office and help you stay calm.

Mental Health Issues

You may experience anger and frustration, especially if you’re not feeling yourself. When you’re under extreme stress, this can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and even depression. While anxiety isn’t a common symptom linked with anxiety, it’s suggested that when a person has an anxiety disorder, their anger can increase. This can cause significant problems in the workplace too.


Job burnout is a special kind of work-related stress. If you’re in a high-pressure job, it can be easy to work yourself into the ground and experience burnout. Some key signs of burnout include reduced productivity and performance, anxiety, low mood, and problems concentrating. Ways to prevent burnout include:

  • Exercising regularly.
  • Taking time to self-reflect.
  • Recognizing the risks of burnout.

Conflict In the Workplace

If you face difficulty managing your stress, you may let off steam with your coworkers. But outbursts like these won’t do you any favors. In fact, they can lead to conflict and could see you in the firing line. If you’re worried about your anger and having outbursts, it may be time to look into anger management classes. ZandaX can help you with this. Their anger management courses can help you deal with your issues and improve your behavior.

Feelings Of Fatigue

Once it’s time to start the working day, you may have feelings of fatigue and tiredness which can impact your work performance. If your stress levels are out of control, your professional life will be hindered, and you’ll also struggle to unwind once the clock hits five. This means you may have difficulty relaxing at home, which can lead to a poor night’s sleep and feelings of fatigue. 

Reducing stress levels is critical to staying focused and excelling professionally. While we all want to strive for perfection and do our best in our jobs, too much work and no play can lead to high pressure. Over time, this can cause irritability and feelings of tension and be potentially damaging to your career. 

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