6 facts about depression you should know

Depression is a serious mental health disorder that requires immediate medical attention. People with untreated depression not only suffer from various psychological and physical issues, but their risk of suicide also runs higher.

Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions about depression that get in the way of timely medical help. Hence, knowing and identifying key facts about depression is vital. 

6 facts about depression that you should know 

1 Depression does not always need a cause 

It is a general misconception that you need a reason for depression, and without it, people may chalk depression symptoms to run-of-the-mill stress or anxiety

While there is usually a trigger for a depressive episode, it can strike people at any time, without any probable cause as well. 

2 Depression is not just feeling sad

Often, people tend to use sad and depressed interchangeably, not realizing that depression is a more complex issue with sadness as just one of the signs. 

Other symptoms of depression include mood swings, increased anxiety levels, changes in sleep and diet, physical pains and miscellaneous aches, fatigue, guilt, shame, low self-worth, hopelessness, loss of pleasure, and low energy levels. 

3 Depression has a lot of causes

Depression disorder is a complex issue and has a lot of risk factors and causes. You might not be able to mitigate all but knowing and managing these can help with improved patient condition. Some of the risk factors of depression include genetics, hormonal changes, weather changes, stress, trauma, substance abuse, etc. 

4 Depression is dangerous 

Depression is not a phase that will pass; it is an illness that requires treatment. People who are depressed are not cuckoo in the head or immature, they are people who are ill and need help.

Untreated depression carries the risk of not only impaired physical and mental health, but depression is also dangerous since it carries a greater risk for suicide.

5 Depressed people might not always look sad 

Another great tragedy of depression is that people tend to mask it. There are many people who, on the surface, appear to be happy and healthy, but are battling with depression. 

Great tragedies like Robin Williams and Chester Bennington are a reminder that depressed people might not always look the part, and the condition only gets disclosed after they take their own lives. 

Hence, it is important that we all be cognizant of the mental state of those around us and normalize conversations about mental health so people do not feel the need to hide their illnesses. 

6 There are various treatment options for depression 

There are many people who think that depression can be managed just by the use of medication, and since there are all sorts of symptoms of antidepressants, many people might not get the help that they need.

However, the treatment for depression does not have a blanket approach. Whereas medication is an important treatment option, it is not the sole way forward. 

In some people, signs of depression may improve from therapy alone, whereas for others, the combination of medication and therapy is more effective. Similarly, positive lifestyle intervention, changes in thought patterns, and mitigating the sources of depression can also be of help. 

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