Sheth Jeebun

Society is facing many problems. Some people don’t have shelter to live in, and some cannot afford their medicines and health care. Sheth Jeebun plays a vital role in helping people and improving society.

He protects many people’s life by giving them proper treatment and health care services. He also provides shelter and hone for the elderly who don’t have anyone who can take care of them.

Jubilee Celebration by Sheth Jeebun as a part of Aster health care

He had 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector. He chooses to become a nurse and help the people in the healthcare sector. Sheth Jeebun provided high-level health services to old age people and supported them.

In front of social media, Sheth Jeebun said, “I recognize the importance of sustainability in mitigating the impacts of over-consumption and carbon use. I am therefore committed to making all Aster Healthcare Homes completely paper-free by 2020. To do so, we are investing in the latest technology that provides unparalleled care management systems for the tailored treatment of our residents. Such digitization will not only provide for more efficient and accurate care but will also reduce our carbon footprint as a company.

He celebrated the event of Jubliee, where he said that “Aster Healthcare prides itself in celebrating cultural diversities and have anti-discriminatory practices at a place. He added: “With pageantry and the trooping of color, parading soldiers, horses, and musicians taking place outside the palace in London, the Aster family were not far behind in an array of celebrations. All nursing home residents, families, and staff celebrated the platinum jubilee weekend in style. With organized activities and plenty of food, there was a buzz in the air of celebrations to mark the historic milestone. An excellent opportunity for all residents to have an amazing fun-filled weekend creating lasting memories of the joyous occasion. It was certainly a royal affair thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance”.

Sheth Jeebun said, “He set up the healthcare business in line with the Queen’s vision for providing respite and care for those who need it most and treating the residents and the needy as part of the extended family.”

Nursing home by Sheth Jeebun

Sheth Jeebun worked for older people. Also, he makes nursing homes for them to provide them home and shelter with all the possible medication facilities. Health is essential for a human being, but special care is required in old age because the body cannot survive alone.

The nursing homes of Sheth Jeebun give the best life to the resident. The staff gives the proper resident care with 24-hour supervision. They motivate them to do their hobbies and healthy activities that make them fresh. Also, it gives them the facility of internet so that they can talk to their family whenever they want.

In old age, people feel alone, especially when they are sick they want to spend their life with their family. But, at home, they cannot get extra and special care. So, shifting them to nursing homes where they get proper treatment with proper care is necessary. But, they cannot live with their family. Sheth Jeebun allowed their families to visit the resident whenever they wanted and have a call as well as a video call with them.


Sheth Jeebun services protect the people. They get shelter and treatment that is free of cost. Most people at this age cannot afford medication, and their families also leave them. Sheth Jeebun saves the life of many people, especially the elderly. Make them feel safe. The families are also satisfied with his nursing homes and services and trust him.

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