4 facts you should know about reseller hosting

If you are a web developer or you just know your way around the web hosting market, starting a reseller hosting business can be a great business opportunity for you. It can be quite a profitable venture, as you can see from this post on how much you can make as a reseller.

How does reseller hosting work?

Reseller hosting is quite similar to shared web hosting, and just like it, multiple reseller web hosting users share the same server. Reseller web hosting solutions allow users to create a number of sub-accounts that can be later on sold to clients. The users can re-rent the server’s space and resources and sell it to a third-party client under the initial provider. However, with most reseller hosting service providers, you do not get full server administrator access to the system settings. 

These reseller hosting plans often do not cost too much but can bring in large profits. So if you are interested in reselling hosting plans, take a look at these 4 facts:  

Anyone can register as a hosting reseller

Anyone can start and operate their own personal web hosting business without needing to invest too much of their own money or possess advanced technical knowledge. Most reseller hosting companies provide services that offer all you need to start making money. 

Starting your own reselling brand allows you to carry on with your regular daily activities while making some extra cash. It is a great opportunity for individuals who have few free hours during the day that can dedicate to this new business. 

Reseller hosting can be completely free

Some reseller hosting providers offer completely risk-free, no-cost reseller hosting programs. If you do not close sales, they will not charge you a dime. Using your very own brand name and a Free Reseller Web Hosting Program, you can resell hosting plans without any risk. You can either offer solid pre-made plans or create your own hosting plan configurations to better satisfy the unique needs of your customers.

Keep in mind that completely free hosting programs may have some catches, so before you commit to a provider, read the fine print. You do not want to find yourself trapped in a contract that will take big chunks of your profits.

Fast and easy launch 

With reseller hosting, you can swiftly and relatively cheaply set up a hosting company. The web hosting plans include a special hosting Control Panel that is multilingual and contains a ton of free features. You can also choose your server location and get a free domain with the website hosting plans.

In addition to providing your clients with round-the-clock technical help, the parent host can help you with the configuration and maintenance of the server. You will just need to set up a billing method, package the resources as individual plans and search for customers. You can lunch your business within a day if you have already created a business site for your reseller hosting brand.

Marketing is your primary task

Most of the work related to reseller hosting will be executed by the parent host. Any task related to server operation will be in the hands of the main provider. In this business model, you are essentially a middleman. As such, your main goal is to attract customers that will purchase one of your plans. 

You must have a website where you display your offers. You need to focus on finding effective ways to bring traffic to your website and convert viewers into buyers. The best way to do this is to implement several marketing strategies. You can start with paid ads that will list your site first on search engines. You can also use social media or other platforms that will allow you to effectively target your audience.

Final words

If you were searching for a new business idea,  hopefully, this article has persuaded you to look into reseller hosting. If not, be aware that you might be skipping out on a sizable possibility for additional income. 

The number of websites is constantly growing, and with that so is the demand for hosting. Think twice before you pass on this opportunity. Do additional research to see what it takes to be a successful reseller and how you can achieve that. 

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