What Is Avuncular Test – Some Information on the Topic 

An avuncular DNA test is a test that is conducted to determine whether a child is related to the sibling of a man or a woman. This test is also known as the aunt/uncle DNA test and is used to check whether a child belongs to the brother or sister of a person when the parents and other family memebers of a child are no more. 

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Why avuncular test? 

Most of the time, the father of a child will not be willing to participate in the avuncular DNA test at home because of many reasons. Some fathers may be deceased, unavailable, incarcerated, and so on, and hence will not be available for the required DNA test. During such cases, the sample that is collected from the uncle or the aunt of the child will be used to compare the relation of a child by blood to any family. 

It is conducted during some of the unexpected situations such as custodial issues, claiming the estate or inheritance, immigration purposes, and so on. 

Increasing the accuracy of the results of avuncular DNA test 

Even though the avuncular test focuses on the DNA test for child and aunt or uncle, the experts suggest adding the samples of all the living relatives to the equation, if available, to increase the accuracy of the results obtained by this test. The experts can successfully remove the unwanted DNA and genetic markers and focus on the markers that can explain the blood relationship of the child with the person in question. 

A Child’s Gene inheritance from the father 

A father contributes to half of the genetic markers that are present in a child. Every child of a father will have this half percentage of DNA markers in them. With the help of the uncle DNA test, the experts will determine whether the child has inherited the same genetic markers from its father or the sibling of a father. 

For an uncle to be considered for this avuncular DNA test, the person should be a sibling and not some half-brother of the father. Since this test requires testing and matching the DNA of two individuals, the blood relationship should be as strong and pure as possible to get accurate results in this case. 

The avuncular DNA test cost varies from one testing center to another based on many factors such as, 

  • The procedure used
  • Number of laboratory experts that are involved in the testing
  • The type of result collection that you are expecting from them via email or personal handover or posting to a certain address, and so on. 

Most of the DNA test is done between the child and the father or the mother or the paternal or maternal grandparents, and other such people that are involved in a family. If there is no availability of such direct options, the next person that will be considered are the siblings of the father or the mother’s side accordingly. 

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