What Is an EMF Meter?

UK home prices have shown a modest increase of 0.4 percent recently. This comes on the heels of an extended home buying spree that only inflation and a housing shortage curbed.

Of course, new homeowners face a host of new concerns. You may want renovations in your new home. Then there is that pesky new loan payment.

Something that might have never crossed your mind is the EMF in your home. In fact, with so much electronics in everyone’s homes, odds are good that you live in an electro magnetic field soup. You need an EMF meter to know for sure, though.

Not quite sure what an EMF meter is or what it will tell you. Keep reading for a quick overview of EMF and EMF meters.

What Is EMF?

When electricity passes through a wire, it creates areas of energy. One of those areas is an electric field caused by the voltage in the line. The other area is a magnetic field caused by the current in the line.

Since these areas typically overlap, they get called an electromagnetic field. This field is a type of non-ionizing radiation produced by everything from televisions and lamps to smartphones and the wiring in your walls.

Is EMF Harmful?

One of the big questions surrounding EMF is whether or not the radiation harms human beings. In general, scientists consider non-ionizing radiation as falling into the non-harmful category. In other words, it doesn’t cause detectable cellular damage or cause damage to DNA.

While most research maintains this general position, there is at least some evidence that EMF exposure can cause less serious problems. For example, it may trigger migraines in people who are prone to migraines.

What Is an EMF Meter?

An EMF meter is a device that you use for measuring the strength of electromagnetic fields in a given area. It’s also useful for measuring changes in electromagnetic fields as you move through a space.

For homeowners with concerns about EMF in their homes, they might use an EMF meter to see where the strongest fields are in a given room. If you suffer from migraines, you might move the bed away from the strongest field in your bedroom.

EMF meters also see a more novel use in ghost hunting. The theory goes that EMF in a room will change when ghosts are present.

Curious about what an EMF meter looks like? You can see examples on this page.

An EMF Meter and You

While the general consensus is that EMF poses little or no danger to human beings, that doesn’t mean curious homeowners won’t want to see where EMF originates in their homes. Learning new things about your home is fun for the scientifically minded. Using an EMF meter can also serve as a way of trying to interest kids in science.

You can also use an EMF meter for the more whimsical task of ghost hunting, either in your own home or in local haunted houses.

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