What Are the Different Types of Natural Wax?

In general, wax is a solid that ignites easily and contains carbon. It turns into a liquid when heated above room temperature. It works like fuel to the candle. When you light a scented candle, wax melts, and this melted wax is vaporized and combusted. This finally produces light and heat. Different types of oils can be used for making wax. This means you will have plenty of choices for making candles.

To create scented candles, a variety of wax kinds can be utilized. Candles have been created with beeswax for thousands of years; petroleum- and coconut-based waxes are more recent innovations. We don’t advise taking a chance even though most candles are created with non-toxic food-grade wax, a substance frequently used in the manufacturing of food and cosmetics.

The burning of some waxes does release trace amounts of toxins. While the volatile organic chemicals released by burning paraffin wax shouldn’t be a reason for concern. There are many different waxes available for people who would like to stay away from them. For individuals who desire candles that burn cleanly, natural waxes including beeswax, coconut, soy, and rapeseed are the ideal option. Beeswax has even been claimed to have the ability to improve the clarity of the air.

If you feel unwell when burning candles or after accidentally consuming wax, we strongly advise that you get medical help right away. You may have an allergy to one or more of the components used in the candle. Pet owners should exercise caution because some of the components in scented candles may be hazardous to your pets. If you love making candles then choose the stores like Aussie candle Supplies. You can find the best candle scents and fragrance oil here. 

Natural Wax – Types

Beeswax: It was first used by the Egyptians, who prepared papyrus leaves for burning by dipping them in wax. However, because the wax has a distinct, lovely honey aroma that doesn’t readily blend with other aromas, it isn’t frequently utilized for making scented candles. 

Beeswax-based scented candles are frequently blended with other types of candle wax by candle producers. You can check out Boy Smells’ candles, which are made with a combination of beeswax and coconut.

Soy Wax: Soy wax is a popular choice among our candle brands since it is frequently regarded as more ecologically friendly than conventional paraffin wax. It burns cleaner and slower. Moreover, it is cheaper than the other types of waxes. If you are looking for a candle that lasts for a longer time, soy candles would be your perfect choice.

Coconut Wax: The newest candle wax on the market is coconut wax, and more and more candle makers are opting to use it. Although it costs more, many people feel that the superior aroma throws and even burns to make up for this. Coconut wax, which has a beautiful, milky white hue, is an environmentally responsible choice. Since coconuts are a resilient, high-yield crop, the method used to obtain the oil is organic.

Start making candles at your home and you will love that experience!

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