10 Free Software to Download Videos from Twitter

There are many video downloading softwares out there in the market and most of them are paid ones with very limited functionality. If you’re looking to download videos from Twitter, you might be looking at the wrong software if your objective is to get it free. In this article, we’ll list down 10 free software that can help you get your job done for free!


Vysor allows you to view and control your Android phone or tablet via Chrome or Chromium on your computer. Note that Vysor requires that your Android device be connected via USB; it doesn’t work with a Wi-Fi connection. You’ll need a free Vysor account, and since it’s still in beta, keep in mind that not all functions may work perfectly—for example, if you have USB debugging enabled on your Android device, Vysor will show an error message when you try to connect. But with so many useful features already, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on for future improvements.


BuzzVine is one of the most powerful tools for locating relevant tweets and pulling them into a useful format. It’s free, and includes two unique features: it searches both Twitter AND Vine simultaneously, so you can download videos and tweets in one go; and it allows you to search specific hashtags (words or phrases preceded by a hash sign), so you don’t have to spend a bunch of time searching through Twitter. Plus, it automatically creates files within seconds after completing a search, so once you enter your keywords or hashtags, all you have to do is press go—you won’t need to waste hours on end looking for high-quality content. To top everything off? BuzzVine was built with SEO in mind.


Tweedie allows you to download all videos in one Twitter account easily. The software has a simple user interface and very few functions that makes it very easy for you to use. After downloading, Tweedie will create separate folders in which it downloads Twitter videos and screenshots. These files can be used for any purpose you want. To access these files, all you have to do is enter your Twitter password when prompted during installation. Another thing worth mentioning about Tweedie is that it requires Java version 6 or higher but most computers already have Java installed on them so they won’t face any problems while installing and using this video downloader program.


Twitvid is a desktop application that allows you to download and convert videos uploaded by Twitter users. This software works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can easily download a Twitvid video without any restrictions by creating an account (free). There are various options available that include downloading in MP4 format or converting it into AVI, GIF, FLV, or SWF formats. The amount of time you have access to your videos depends on whether you’ve logged in as a registered user or a guest (no login required). If you’re not logged in, you can view your video for 24 hours; otherwise it will be deleted after 48 hours. As soon as someone downloads your video though, it’s locked into their account forever!


TwitHog is a free browser plugin that gives you one-click access to download any Twitter video. It doesn’t have a ton of extra features, but it’s really fast and really easy. Just install it and every time you come across a video on Twitter, it’ll add a download button next to it. The best part? You can do everything without leaving your timeline or tweeting anything at all!


Twilert has been featured in TechCrunch, Mashable, LifeHacker and on NBC News, which should tell you something about how useful it is. The basic premise of Twilert is that it allows you to track tweets with a certain keyword and then send you an email when they appear. You can use that feature for things like watching Twitter for mentions of your business name or keyword searches relevant to your industry (think #digitalmarketing). In addition, Twilert also includes a few more advanced options—like being able to tweet back replies automatically—that are worth exploring as well.


This nifty little app makes it incredibly easy to save Twitter videos as GIFs or MP4s. All you have to do is paste a video’s URL into TweetMyVid.  Then you can choose how long (up to 30 seconds) and in what quality your clip will be. You can also make your video automatically tweet back at whomever posted it, so make sure you watch out for those You stole my content! tweets when you use TweetMyVid. [ Windows – Mac ]


If you’re looking for an easy, free way to save a copy of every single video posted on Twitter, check out Tweet2AVI. This command-line tool acts as a sort of bridge between your Twitter account and VirtualDub. Which is free software for creating AVI video files. Run Tweet2AVI on a machine with permission to access your Twitter account (the script assumes it’s using your primary account). Use it by typing in whatever keywords or phrases you want, if anything is tweeted containing those words or phrases. You’ll get a link back allowing you to download that specific video clip.

Twitter Video Grabber Pro

Twitter Video Grabber Pro works as a desktop application that can download, save and transfer your favorite Twitter videos. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The tool enables you to download multiple videos at once, saving them in separate video files. For each saved video, you can specify a different audio track or delete it completely. If you want to free up space on your computer or device. You can also re-size each video before downloading it using an integrated tool for resizing videos. You will be able to convert all your favorite Twitter clips into MP4 format. Then share them with other users through email or upload them online so that everyone can enjoy them without an Internet connection.


Twecki lets you download Twitter videos in various formats, and was featured as one of Lifehacker’s best free tools. The tool is incredibly simple and easy to use just choose which video you want to download (you can search by username or hashtag), then click on download. Twecki will then convert and save it for you in MP4 format. All your videos are saved into a simple list that’s organized by date. You can also share them right away if you’re so inclined. It’s not designed specifically for downloading Twitter videos. But since it supports hashtags, it makes it incredibly easy.

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