The Magic of Polly Pocket Toys

Polly Pocket is a line of miniature dolls and accessories that were first introduced in 1989 by Bluebird Toys. The toys quickly gained popularity among children and became a cultural phenomenon. In 1998, the brand was acquired by Mattel, and it continues to be a beloved toy for children worldwide. Polly Pocket toys have evolved over the years, but they remain a favorite among young children.

History of Polly Pocket Toys:

Polly Pocket was created by Chris Wiggs, who wanted to design a toy that was small enough to fit in his daughter’s pocket. The first Polly Pocket was a small, plastic case that opened to reveal a miniature dollhouse. The case was designed to be portable, and children could take it with them wherever they went. The original Polly Pocket dolls were only one inch tall, and the toy line consisted of a few different playsets.

The first Polly Pocket toys were an instant success, and Bluebird Toys quickly expanded the line to include more playsets and characters. The toys were marketed toward young girls, and they quickly became a must-have item for children. In the 1990s, Polly Pocket toys became even more popular when they were featured in a television commercial.

Mattel acquired Bluebird Toys in 1998, and they continued to produce Polly Pocket toys. The toys underwent a redesign, and the dolls were made slightly larger. The playsets also became more elaborate, and they included features like moving parts and sound effects. Today, Polly Pocket toys are available in a variety of themes and styles, and they continue to be popular among children.

Types of Polly Pocket Toys:

Polly Pocket toys come in a variety of different styles and themes. Some of the most popular types of Polly Pocket toys include:

  1. Playsets – Polly Pocket playsets are miniature dollhouses that feature different themes and settings. Some of the most popular playsets include a beach house, a castle, and a mall.
  2. Fashion Sets – Polly Pocket fashion sets include dolls that come with a variety of different outfits and accessories. Children can mix and match the companies to create their own unique looks.
  3. Compact Sets – Compact sets are small, portable playsets that can be taken on the go. They feature a miniature dollhouse that folds up into a compact case.
  4. Adventure Sets – Adventure sets include dolls and playsets that have a specific adventure theme. For example, there are Polly Pocket toys that are themed around camping and exploring the outdoors.
  5. Collector Sets – Collector sets are designed for older children and adults who enjoy collecting Polly Pocket toys. These sets feature rare or hard-to-find items and are often more expensive than other Polly Pocket toys.

Benefits of Playing with Polly Pocket Toys: Playing with Polly Pocket toys offers a variety of benefits for children. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Developing Fine Motor Skills – Playing with Polly Pocket toys requires children to use their fine motor skills to manipulate the small accessories and dolls.
  2. Encouraging Creativity – Polly Pocket toys allow children to use their imaginations and create stories and adventures.
  3. Enhancing Social Skills – Playing with Polly Pocket toys can help children develop social skills like sharing, taking turns, and communicating.
  4. Improving Problem-Solving Skills – Polly Pocket toys often include puzzles or challenges that require children to think critically and problem-solve.


Polly Pocket toys have been a beloved toy for children for over three decades. The miniature dolls and accessories offer endless opportunities for creativity and imaginative play. With a wide variety of themes and styles, there is a Polly Pocket toy for every child. Playing with Polly Pocket toys offers a range of benefits for children, including improving fine motor skills, enhancing social skills, and encouraging creativity.

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