The Advantages of Using a Play Mat for Infants and Young Children

What exactly is a play mat?

Play mats are surfaces made of foam or padded cloth that are flat and designed for a baby to securely play on. On the market, you can get activity mats in a wide variety of different designs. In conjunction with a baby activity gym, many parents choose to place their infant on a mat. This is not an uncommon method of operation. Toys are dangling from a structure of arches made of either wood or plastic. There is also the option of purchasing a baby play gym that comes complete with both the hanging toys and the play mat.

The Benefits That Come Along with Using Play Mats for Infants

A baby play mat’s primary function is not for the goal of entertainment alone. The following are the primary benefits that they bring.

They are clean and safe for children to play in.

No matter what you do, the floors won’t be the cleanest section of the house. It’s just not going to happen. Because a baby’s immune system is still maturing, they are especially prone to getting sick from the bacteria that are found in typical household environments. You will be able to keep the area where your child plays clean and free of germs if you provide them with a baby play mat. In addition to this, they provide a surface that is both comfy and conducive to learning how to move around your infant.


Because you can take the mat with you, it won’t be difficult for you to carry your child to the park or the home of a friend because you can just bring the mat along. This foldable and portable play area is easy to transport and can be folded up for storage.

They are beneficial to motor skills.

The ability to grasp objects is an essential first step in the development of fine motor skills in neonates. Infants who are between three and five months old have the ability to reach out and grip toys that are strung from the ceiling in a play gym.

They help foster cognitive development.

The best way to encourage your child’s cognitive growth is to keep them busy with activities they enjoy. A play mat is a good option since it offers a range of textures, colors, and sounds to engage a child’s senses.

They contribute to the development of muscle well.

When a baby is placed on the mat for the first time on his or her stomach, the muscles in the child’s neck and shoulders are activated, which helps to strengthen the child. Your baby will need to develop strong muscles in order to be able to roll over, crawl, and eventually sit up on their own. Movement, which is beneficial to muscle growth, is increased while using an exercise mat.

When is it appropriate for infants to begin utilizing play mats?

Because they are some of the most versatile baby products, you can get different advantages from them at different ages depending on your child’s development. You can start using a play gym as soon as your child is ready to feel comfortable lying flat on their back without needing to be held.

Newborn infants: Your play mat provides a secure spot for your infant to rest for short periods of time while you take a break so you may tend to other needs. Your child will have a lot of fun playing with the toys that swing from the baby gym. Toys need to be within proximity to a baby’s face because they can’t see very far into the distance when they are very young.

3 Months: You should start putting your newborn to use on the play mat when they are three months old. This is the recommended age. After being placed on their backs on the mat for a short period of time, they will begin to investigate their surroundings.

4 months: Around this time, your infant will start to practice rolling over, and a play mat is an excellent place for them to do so!

At this point, your child will be crawling all over the mat and grasping for the many items that are present. They will probably get down on their bellies and start crawling to get away.

At the age of nine months, you’ll likely see your infant crawling off the mat. They are going to want to leave the play gym and investigate the rest of the house when they become restless there. You should add new toys and activities to the play mat so that they have something to do and are entertained for the next few months.


Now that you’re well aware of the benefits that come along with a baby play mat, you might consider buying one for your baby. Check out New Baby Wish an online store to get quality play mats at a very reasonable price.

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