Role Of Tutors In Modern Education System

Over the last few years, the tutoring industry has seen immense growth. For this reason, the role of tutors has become crucial in the modern education system. They are also responsible for providing the required knowledge and skills to the students.

The current education system indeed has some flaws. But, still, quality learning can be ensured for the students from what is being currently offered. For that, the tutors have to understand their role and take charge to bring a positive change to the education domain. We have mentioned some points below that will help the tutors to offer the best possible learning experience to the students and switch to a new role. So, let’s check them out.

New Tutoring Approaches For Modern Education System

Combining Modern and Traditional Ways of Teaching

The modern education system requires new and updated tutoring approaches to provide detailed knowledge to the students. However, it is not necessary for the tutors to completely neglect the traditional ways of teaching. Instead, they can combine both, enabling the students to get the best value out of the tutoring sessions. 

For instance, a popular mobile game Pokemon Go made the users learn about distance conversions. All the players were shown the distances in kilometres instead of miles. This way, the individuals unfamiliar with the metric system also learned about it. This shows that games can be a fun way to teach the students without portraying the academic tasks as a burden. 

However, some traditional ways of learning are still relevant. Such as taking notes using a pen and paper is known to help retain the information for a longer time period. Preferably, the tutors should use both, modern and old learning approaches to benefit the students.

Strategising For The Sessions

Modern-day tutors strategise everything in advance to provide a quality learning experience to the students. From using videos and games to explain a topic to arranging doubt-solving sessions and tests for the learners, the tutors must pre-plan various things.

Every event must be there in the tutoring sessions in a particular order. For example, it is a good approach to arrange a test after the completion of a chapter. It helps the students to reflect on what they have learnt regarding the topic. Besides, the tutors must reserve the first 10 minutes of the sessions to discuss the topics covered in the previous class. It helps the students to better relate the topics learned in different sessions.

Furthermore, the tutors need to understand that the learners’ ability to stay focused for longer intervals is decreasing day by day. For this reason, they need to divide the information into shorter chunks, before conveying them to the learners. For instance, English tutors need to break down the sentence into smaller parts to make the learners familiar with verbs, tenses, adjectives, etc. 

Motivating The Learners

There is no doubt that academics have become more competitive and hard to manage over the years. For this reason, most learners find it overwhelming to deal with various tasks on their own. It has created a new set of responsibilities for a tutor, which is being a motivator and mentor for the students. So, along with providing clarity regarding the subject, the tutors must also give the right piece of advice to the students. 

The modern-day tutor understands that failure is a part of the learning process. So, they appreciate it when the students make multiple tries to learn a concept, no matter how many times they fail. Gone are the days when teachers used to punish the students for their mistakes. The modern approach is to analyse the sections in which they are repeatedly committing mistakes and take measures accordingly to fix them. 

Adjusting According To The Students’ Requirements

One of the best teaching approaches that every tutor should follow is to keep the sessions focused on the students’ requirements. As a tutor, you need to understand that it is not the teachers, but the students who act as a central point in the education system. For this reason, the tutors should tweak their sessions according to the student’s learning preferences.

When the learners get the sessions customised to complement their learning abilities, they perform up to their true potential. A good approach is to first analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the learners. Afterwards, the teachers can deliver the sessions in a way to help the students improve on the concepts in which they lag. It helps students to deliver good academic performance, which is good for both the learners and the tutors. 

Promoting Innovation

The education domain is subjected to many innovations over the years, and they are going to continue in the future as well. A good teaching approach is to promote and utilise the innovations as they are going to be mainstream in the future. For example, a few years ago, online sessions were introduce as a new thing in the industry. At present, online tutoring has become totally mainstream and is easily available for the majority of learners.


Similarly, the usage of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) may seem a bit odd in the starting. But looking at their potential of creating learning environments the students can interact with in real-time, they are going to become the new normal. Most tutors avoid technology and innovation as they seem unfamiliar to them. But the only way to get comfortable with the technology is to start using and appreciating it in the first place. 


In the modern world, technology is developing at a fast rate which is influencing the education system like never before. In such a scenario, the tutors must understand that the core content of the subject is going to be the same. What needs to be changed are the tutoring approaches, to ensure a good learning experience for the students.

For that, tutors have to analyse their roles from a newer perspective in accordance with the modern education system. This way, they can facilitate the best academic support for the students, enabling them to perform well in their academics.

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