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Public Adjuster Montana is an independent professional public adjuster firm that a Policyholder may hire to help with the insurance claim. The claims include damage to commercial, industrial and residential property. The difference between insurance adjusters from the insurance company a public adjuster is that the public adjuster works for the benefit of the insured while the adjuster from the company only works for the benefit of the insurance company. 

The terms and conditions of an insurance policy, its language, and the complications of the procedure linked with the insurance claim are the deciding factors for the amount the insured will receive. Policyholders can become easily confused about how to properly navigate the insurance claims process and often encounter difficulty determining if they are being properly compensated for their insurance loss. There are professionals that specialize in the assistance of the policyholder in filing the insurance claim. They are also linked with the communication and negotiation between the life insurance sattlements company and the policyholder. For a smooth and hassle-free insurance claim, you should contact Public Adjuster Montana. 

There is a wide variety of damages that we help with including damage from natural disasters or accidents. Some of the damages include wind, water, flood, lightning, mold, fire, hail, and storm damage. It is extremely important to carefully evaluate the extent of damage and document it in a way the insurance company will consider it and pay what they owe you under the insurance policy. 

Wind damage might be due to hurricanes and result in damage to the property mainly to the roof of the building. A damaged roof is a constant source of worry for the residents of the house if it is a residential property or the workers in the case of industrial or commercial property. The roof damage could also lead to leakage in case of rainfall. 

Flood damage could result in partial displacement of the residents or workers from the home and workplace respectively. Flood damage not only affects the property as soon as it affects it but could also lead to increased damage if left unattended. Understanding your insurance policy and taking steps according to it could drastically affect the insurance claim procedure as well as the amount recovered from the insurance company. Public Adjuster Montana has a qualified team that meticulously assesses and documents the damage so that your claim could be maximized. 

Hail damage could be due to a hailstorm affecting the roof, windows, and exterior of the building. Hailstorms have been known to cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage in the United States each year making them a source of concern for the property owners. Hail damage could be difficult to assess for the property owners if they do not have any prior experience. Hiring a professional like Public Adjuster Montana could make a big difference in the claim amount recovered. 

Mold damage is highly disquieting for the property owners and the knowledge about insurance policies related to mold damage could be complex for the understanding of property owners. Mold damage is sometimes not visible and spreads to areas that are far away from the source of damage. Moreover, mold damage not only affects the property but also the furniture and poses health hazards for the residents. Our skilled and experienced team at Public Adjuster Montana will ensure to expedite the insurance claim procedure so that the damage could be repaired soon.  

Lightning damage could be direct or indirect. Direct damage is visible but indirect damage is difficult to evaluate and it might be difficult to recover the claim amount due to indirect damage. An experienced and professional public adjuster could help you with the in-depth evaluation of damage, its documentation, and negotiation with the insurance company on your behalf so that your claim amount could be maximized. 

Fire damage is one of the most dangerous types of damage that affect properties throughout the United States. The damage inflicted upon buildings, facilities, and infrastructure can interrupt lives and livelihoods immeasurably, striking a devastating blow to your organization or community. You will not only face the challenges to minimize the damage and secure everyone’s safety. Moreover, fire damage requires short-term decisions from the property owners that are already under stress due to damage. 

Roof damage could occur due to many reasons including fire, heavy snow, hail, sinkholes, or tornadoes. Whether the cause is a natural disaster or accident, it is worrisome in both cases. Roof damage could lead to other issues including leakage and as result growth of mold. 

Water damage due to either leakage or any other issue could lead to damage to the infrastructure of the building. Mot every sort of water damage is covered by the insurance policy. The knowledge of the insurance policy and to what extent it covers the water damage is important before filing a claim. Public Adjuster Montana will help you with understanding the type of damage, your insurance policy and file an insurance claim on your behalf. 

At Public Adjuster Montana, we prioritize your interest and put in the best effort to get the maximum damage claim for you during a time of stress and anxiety due to damage. Our team comes in as your consulting partner. We help you manage the emotions so that we can focus on our work of maximizing the results for your claims of property loss. We will assist you throughout the process of damage claim from evaluating the damage, meticulously documenting the damage, and presenting it to the insurance company in order to negotiate for the best possible outcome according to the insurance policy. Public Adjuster Montana will ensure that the insurance company fairly reimburses you for your claims based upon your policy coverage and the severity of your loss. Our team has all the skills and qualifications to handle an insurance claim professionally to become the best representative of the policyholder. 

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