How to keep the flavor of your cigars

If you’re not using an electric humidor to store your cigars, you should be. These devices are capable of regulating the humidity inside so your cigars will never dry out or get ruined by mold, two issues that can cause your cigars to lose their flavor and become unpleasant to smoke. If you’re already using an electric humidor, read on to learn how to keep the flavor of your cigars fresh and ensure they last as long as possible.

Airflow control

an important aspect when choosing an electric humidor for cigars is airflow control. Make sure that you have a choice between a circulating fan and non-circulating fan system. Circulating fans are great because they add humidity, which can evaporate off of the cigar easily; however, these fans also allow outside air in, which allows mold and bacteria to form inside your humidor if it isn’t kept at proper levels. Non-circulating fans provide less humidity and don’t mix with fresh air—but they still let outside air into a humidor. In order to balance out airflow so that it’s not too high or too low, consider purchasing an electronic hygrometer so you can accurately measure how dry or moist your humidor is.

Humidity control

The electric humidor for cigars makes it easy to control humidity levels within a closed storage space. Humidity is often an overlooked factor in preserving cigar flavors, but humidity controls moisture. Too little moisture and tobacco won’t burn properly; too much and you’ll encounter issues like mold and bacteria growth. It’s important that you know how to maintain healthy humidity levels if you want to preserve your investments—and freshness!—for years on end. Fortunately, it’s simple: just plug in an electric humidifier into a power source, place it inside your cigar humidor, fill with distilled water as directed, then set it and forget it! The best part?

Temperature control

Temperature and humidity are two of the most important factors in keeping your cigar fresh. Achieving proper temperature control is as simple as leaving a plastic bag with a damp towel over it in an enclosed area. Use an electric humidor for cigars that provides both temperature and humidity controls, which gives you optimal protection from external sources that can compromise your cigar’s quality. Keep these units at between 70–73 degrees Fahrenheit (21–23 degrees Celsius) with 60 percent humidity to maintain an even climate for storing up to 25 cigars. This will protect them from UV rays, extreme changes in heat or cold, and other damaging elements.


While some people may find that pre-packaged cigar matches are effective, most aficionados will tell you that it’s best to do a little more research. Consider where you plan on smoking, how much time you have before lighting up and what type of cigar you’re smoking (or planning on smoking). Once these questions are answered, it’s best to consider which seasoning method is right for you and your smokes. While some manufacturers are experimenting with different blends, there are a few tried-and-true methods out there. Ask any seasoned smoker which they use and they’ll likely give you a piece or two of advice—your next smoke session just got that much better!

Controlling moisture in travel humidors

Travel humidors are a nice way to make sure you can enjoy your favorite cigar while traveling. However, they’re only as good as their hygrometer and humidifier systems. Any exposure to high levels of moisture will ruin even high-quality tobacco. If you have any doubts about how well your travel humidor is keeping humidity inside, throw in a Boveda 69% (they come pre-calibrated) or two. You’ll be able to smell if there’s too much moisture, but these packets won’t mess with your cigar’s taste.

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