Guide To The Different Types Of Door Hinges And Their Benefits

There are two types of hinges for doors: inside door hinges and outside door hinges. Hinges can also be part of storage chests, cabinets, and other containers. Many kinds of hinges will suit different needs. Both exterior and interior door hinges are available in a range of materials and designs.

Types And Benefits Of Door Hinges

We’ve taken a look at various types of SelectLok’s hinges to help you select the best one for your doors.

Butt Hinge

This hinge is one of the most commonly used outside door hinges because it can hold a substantial amount of weight. These hinges are good for entry doors, as they are often stronger than others.

Case Hinge

These hinges look a lot like butt hinges. These hinges are good for strong front doors because they can hold them. These hinges are very appealing to the eyes. Many decorative designs are available for case hinges to improve the home’s curb appeal. These beautiful hinges can be used on suitcases and designer cabinets.

Barrel Hinges

These hinges are made up of two barrel pins. The first one is fitted in the door’s edge and the second into the frame. These hinges are ideal for doors that have small chests or cabinets.

Bi-Fold Hinge

These hinges for interior doors have multiple leaves that can vary in length. They ensure door functionality and good hold.

Spring Hinges

Spring hinges have the leaf plates attached to the spring metal. This allows for the hinges to close themselves automatically. These plates are usually placed in threes to give enough closing force.

Ball Bearing Hinge

They are well-known for being durable. These hinges are among the most durable and reliable exterior door hinges. Repetitive wear can cause hinges to break down. Ball bearing hinges are designed to reduce friction. These are suitable for heavy doors, especially those which are used frequently.

Hospital Hinge

These hinges are much shorter than the other types. This hinge has one leaf attached to the door frame and one leaf attached to its door. Hospital hinges look a lot like butt hinges. They can be called shorter versions.

Olive Knuckle Hinge

Its design is different from other door hinges. It is made in the shape H which can be seen when the door opens wide, but only the knuckle when closed.

Flush Hinge

Flush hinges can also be used as exterior door hinges. The hinge’s one leaf nestles into its counterpart as the door closes. This allows them to take up little space. These hinges are known for being strong.

Double Action Spring Hinges

Interior doors are best served by double-action spring hinges. These hinges consist of two cylinders joined by a square-shaped leaf. They allow the door’s smooth movement in any direction.

Piano Hinges

These hinges extend the support of the entire door’s length. These are usually used for upright or tall cabinet doors. These doors need the right support.

Strap Hinge

These are also known by the name “gate hinges”, and they are the smallest of exterior door hinges. These are most loved for their gorgeous appearance. They are not only beautiful, however. It also provides support for the doors and ensures smooth functioning.

Euro-Style Hinges

These hinges have been specifically made for overlay doors. The hinges are completely concealed when the doors closed.

Butterfly Hinge

These interior door hinges have a beautiful design. They are designed in the shape of butterflies. They can serve two purposes. They enhance the beauty of your interiors and help your door to function correctly.

Pivot Hinge

A pivot hinge will be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a sturdy hinge for a tall entrance door. It provides the necessary support by spinning when the door is opened.

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