Despite Biden Administration, Will Oremus’ OneZero Hints At Tougher Regulation Of Tech

This week, Vice President Joe Biden testified before the Senate in an attempt to revive the Obama-era net neutrality rules. However, this move by the Biden administration may not be enough to save net neutrality. Yesterday, Will Oremus wrote an article for Slate in which he predicted that despite the Biden administration’s best efforts, net neutrality will be repealed. Oremus argues that Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 gives the FCC the authority to protect net neutrality and that repealing it would be a mistake. While it’s still too early to tell whether or not net neutrality will be repealed, it’s clear that there are a number of powerful forces trying to destroy it. If you care about preserving net neutrality, please share this article and help fight back!

OneZero project background

Although the Obama administration made progress in regulating the technology industry, there are hints that the next president may be more aggressive. In January, outgoing Vice President Biden announced a “OneZero” project to help companies comply with new rules for privacy and data protection. Lawyers from the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are part of OneZero’s team.

By offering guidance and resources, Biden hopes to make it easier for companies to comply with new regulations, and he also wants to work with Congress to pass legislation codifying these regulations. So far, Obama’s efforts have been successful: Facebook revised its privacy policy in March after being fined by the FTC for violating user privacy.

Will Oremus’ OneZero Hints At Tougher Tech Regulation Despite Biden Administration

Project premise

OneZero, by Will Oremus, hints at tougher regulation despite the Obama administration’s efforts to regulate tech companies. As Oremus points out in his article, the Obama administration has been lax when it comes to regulating technology companies, but that will change in the future. He cites Biden’s comments regarding regulating tech companies as evidence for this. Oremus also mentions Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress is a sign of just how serious these entities are about being regulated.

Project implications

There have been many praises for the Obama administration’s pro-technology stances, but some of its proposals could have unintended consequences. Silicon Valley executives have raised eyebrows over the OneZero project, a White House initiative to develop new ways to regulate technology. A technology columnist for Slate and a critic of the industry, Will Oremus is the lead author of the project…

OneZero could have several implications for tech companies. It suggests that the government will be more aggressive in its regulatory efforts. Another possibility is that companies will need to cooperate more closely with regulators in order to obtain approval for their products. Finally, OneZero could inspire other governments around the world to take a closer look at tech regulation and consider adopting similar policies.

In conclusion

despite the biden administration’s efforts to tighten regulation of tech companies, will oremus’ onezero hints at tougher enforcement? in his article for slate, oremus argues that even though president obama has spoken out about issues like facebook and cambridge analytica, his administration hasn’t done enough to rein in big tech. oremus cites onezero as an example: a startup founded by obama alums that was acquired by salesforce for $2.5 billion last year. while this may seem like good news on the surface, it is indicative of a larger problem: too much power concentrated in too few hands. as long as big tech continues to grow at an unprecedented rate and wields disproportionate influence over our social media and online lives, there will always be pressure on government to take more stringent measures to protect us from its abuses.

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