Comparing the Confluence Software vs Jira Software

In order to be able to generate maximum success from your business campaigns, you need adequate tools through which you can track and follow the development. Gone are the times when people had to rely on separate platforms to stay connected with their team now that task management software is quickly replacing them. Project management software can be quite helpful in organizing, planning, and implementing tasks while staying connected with your team. As several well-reputed project managers have become common, knowing what Confluence software vs Jira software offers can be a discerning factor for you.


Confluence Software vs Jira Software

Essentially, Confluence and Jira present similar solutions to resolve issues regarding team collaborations and task accomplishment. They give you an overview of ongoing projects and the ability to communicate with your team members as well. Moreover, they are both assembled by Atlassian but maintain some differences. This brief comparative guide can help you identify the distinctive qualities of both:

Confluence Features

Confluence equips you with a wide range of features that enhance your online workspace. It has a wide range of features besides integrated apps for the improvement of online project management. 

Intuitive Structure 

Pages and Spaces function as a central technique for Confluence users. Through Pages, you can create your project, making any changes by editing the existing project, or you can discuss it with your team members. 

Meanwhile, Spaces function by focusing on specific pages to help individual teams to focus on their particular section of the overall project. 

Knowledge Base

It is essential to maintain and organize information pertaining to the project that you are working on. You can do so with the availability of advanced search, intuitive page hierarchy, and labels that let you find the related material within seconds.

You can even rely on templates as they let you create reports and strategize your plans. There are up to 75 templates provided by Confluence software for this specific purpose.


In order to improve communication between team members, Confluence lets you edit documents in real-time with your team members. You can publish the details of updates to notify others as well as maintain a version history of the files. 

Additionally, in-line and page commenting create a dynamic atmosphere for team members to stay in touch. The users can further use images, emojis, and GIFs to react to each other’s comments.

And finally, by tagging the people you are working with, you can alert them of any important details that require attention. 

Information Dissemination 

It is essential that the intended members are able to view the information they require to follow through with the project. Confluence software provides open access but also lets you limit access if you need to. You can ensure that sensitive information is protected and only users with permission are able to view it. 

You can invite members to blog that everyone can join to pitch in their ideas and share the latest updates. 

Jira Features

Jira software provides smart solutions through which you can track ongoing issues and resolve them. Similar to Confluence, it has integrated tools that have the potential to improve its functionality. 

Agile Boards

Scrum and Kanban combined contribute towards a thoroughly connected system for your team. Through scrum, you can assign relevant tasks to the target team members. You can manage heavy-scale projects by breaking them down into tasks so relevant teams can complete them.

Kanban boards provide your team with a chance to envision their tasks in the same place. It improves the overall communication skills required for all the members. 


Atlassian Access and Jira Software Premium increase the security of your Jira tool. The Atlassian Access is integrated with SAML SSO, enforced 2-step verification as well as automated user provisioning, and they ensure that your information remains protected against any potential threats.

The Jira Software Premium goes a step farther by integrating 99.9% uptime SLAs within your software. It is safe to say that Jira provides critical security to its users.

Code and Deployment

Since issue tracking is a central theme of the Jira project management, you can see the code and deployment by entering the issue key in a commit. In fact, you can use PR or even the branch name to access information. 

Eventually, you will require the ability to view as well as issue branches, and you can access them through the issue development panel.

Price Comparison of Confluence vs Jira

Both of these project management systems present three types of payment plans. Both offer a free plan for users who may want to familiarize themselves with the software panels and features. 

The Confluence standard costs around $55, and the premium is billed for $105 per month for each user. Confluence pricing for the standard and premium is in alignment with the multiple features you can use for task management. In fact, if your goal is to equip a heavy-scale project, you can opt for an enterprise that has maximum security benefits for the users. 

 Meanwhile, Jira pricing for the standard plan is $75 per month, and the premium plan is $145 for every user. Naturally, these two plans accommodate a wider range of management needs of a business. Akin to Confluence, Jira entertains the need of enterprise-scale businesses for which you can get a private quote by getting in touch with the company. 

Confluence and Jira can also be used with each other and can be a dynamic duo of features that cover the overall requirements of a remote workspace in addition to providing project management services. Moreover, they can both be used for resolving task conflicts which can hinder growth and take up too much of your time. On the other hand, Confluence software vs Jira software can also be useful separately as neither of them relies on the other. 

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