Best Tips to Create an Engaging Company Culture Video for your Brand

Most organizations nowadays use company culture videos to show their positive workplace environment. Job seekers consider watching company culture videos before joining a company. According to TalentBoard’s survey, 35% of job seekers think that company culture videos help get an insight about a company. At the same time, 20% stated that they watch culture videos to learn about why people prefer to join their organization, corporate values, and testimonial of employees.

It is one of the most effective tools that help organizations to showcase their workplace culture and promote it to the audience. These videos help convey your message to potential recruits and customers. It shows the benefits of being a part of your organization and enhances your brand’s image.

Let’s look at the beautiful example of the company culture video created by Salesforce. This video is created with employees’ bios, snippers of events, and engaging music and explains the corporate values of their company.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the best tips to create a company culture video.

Best Tips that help you in Creating a Top-notch Company Culture Video + Examples

You can tell your brand’s story and create personality. These videos are ideal for capturing the attention of potential recruits and customers.

Consider these crucial things when creating a culture video:

Set your Objectives for the Video

Firstly, you need to decide your objectives and the target audience you want to reach with your video. It will help you create your strategy for your brand’s message and on which platforms you want to use.

If you aim to show your organization’s positive image and encourage potential candidates to apply, you should set the theme of your video like an employer branding video.

In this case, you can incorporate employee testimonials to showcase why your employees love to work at your organization, highlight the teamwork, perks, benefits your company offers, etc.

You can embed these videos on the “Careers” and “About Us” pages and post them on LinkedIn for more effective results.

Or, if your objective is to portray your brand image and tell them insights about your organization, you can use it to enhance audience engagement and build loyalty.

The best thing about these videos is that you can use them on social media or through emails to enrich your marketing.

Companies even use company culture videos to enhance their internal communications. It helps educate new employees about your work culture, team, or for making announcements.

Look at the video of Atoms; for example, in this video, they are beautifully explaining how they started their journey and launched their shoe brand and their company’s mission and values. It is ideal for building relationships with customers.

Build your Brand’s Personality

A culture video’s key objective is to tell your audience about your organization authentically. Remember, if you pretend to be something you are not, you will attract the wrong audience, leading to people’s mistrust of your company.

Thus, when creating and planning a video, think of your organization’s core principles and values that you can explain in your video.

Think of these questions and decide your objectives:

• What are the objectives you want to achieve?

• What is the mission behind your business?

• What factors can influence potential recruits to work with you?

• What are your corporate values?

• What makes your company unique?

Now think of innovative ideas to present answers to these questions in your story. Culture videos help in storytelling that helps convey your company’s core values and increase audience engagement.

In this video of Cirrus Logic, they did a fantastic job. They beautifully conveyed their organization’s story and vision engagingly and creatively without saying a word.

Select the Suited format for your video

Company culture videos include different forms, like:

• A documentary-style video

• Employee Bios and interviews

• Behind-the-scenes

• “Day in the organization” videos

• Highlight your company’s CSR activities

• “Why people love to work in your company” style videos and more.

It is essential to select the right format that helps in achieving your objectives and conveying the message that connects your audience with your company.

Check out this video of Zendesk, which is created in a documentary style. They showed in this video the office scenes, employees doing their work and the CSR activities they do, and a voiceover narrating their brand’s story. The objective of this video is to influence the potential workforce.

You can use formats uniquely, like combining the employee videos with pictures of your workplace to enrich your video and engage the audience.

Write a Script

Culture videos are an ideal way to showcase the authentic look of your organization. It will give you a complete understanding of what to discuss, how to proceed, and the scenes you need to film. However, you need to write a basic script before you begin filming.

Like any other video, you can use stories and visually appealing images to enhance your video.

Remember, it is better to use the script ins some parts of the video and encourage employees to express their views. It gives a natural appeal to the video.

Consider this Hubspot’s video, one of the most impressive examples of culture videos. The introduction was scripted, but the employee expressed their honest views, giving an authentic feel to the viewers.

Use Motion Graphics

You can incorporate motion graphics in some parts of your company culture videos to make them more engaging and creative. It has become a hot trend, and companies use motion graphics to add humor to their videos. You can search for the top-rated motion graphics studios and outsource your projects to a credible video production company.

Shoot your Video with Employees, not Actors

Culture videos are one of the best ways to humanize your organization and enhance your communication with the audience. You don’t need to hire actors; ask your employees to participate in the video. Employees know everything about your company, so it is ideal for taking their help for your video shooting.

The best thing is that when your employees express their views and why they prefer to work for your organization, it creates a significant impact. Moreover, it motivates your employees and increases their loyalty to the company.

Look at this video of Dell; they film their video with actual employees who share their stories, which connects their audience with their brand.

However, if you don’t want to feature your employees, you can use Muppets to create your culture video. Dropbox also uses this beautiful idea in its video.

Closing Remarks

Using company culture videos is one of the best ways to boost your marketing activities. It helps organizations in building a connection with the audience, and they also use it to attract potential recruits. 

The best thing about these videos is that you can convey your message to the customers and potential talent to simultaneously fill the job positions in your organization. A website helps explain your company culture, values, and employee testimonials, whereas culture videos explain how your organization works for the ease of customers.

You can also add motion graphics to your company culture videos and use them in combination to make your videos more engaging and effective. You can search for the best motion graphics service provider and hire the most experienced video agency for your company’s video.

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