Adsense Approval Tricks and Tips

Adsense Approval Trick

AdSense Approval trick that works in a minute: If someone assures you that they have an AdSense approved account in a minute, you should be aware of the truth behind that activation.

Google allows users to connect your site to AdSense as soon as you sign up. That does not necessarily imply that your account has been authorised. Actually, you must activate your AdSense account in order to display ads on your site and earn money.

Your AdSense account webpage contains a list of tasks to accomplish before final activation:

Connect your website to your Google AdSense account.

Enter your payment address information; and

Check your phone number (Not required in all countries).

When you’ve finished each task, click Done or Submit.

Now, the Google AdSense Team will review your entire website to ensure that it conforms with the AdSense Terms and conditions and will email you with the designation of your account within 24hrs.

When your account is fully activated, you can begin displaying contextual ads on your site and earning money. The entire procedure typically takes only one day, but it can take up to two weeks in some cases.

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2021

The following quick steps will help you understand the entire process if you ask me for an AdSense approval trick 2021:

Create a blog; get search rankings from high-quality original content;

AdSense Program policies must follow;

Sign up for a Google Ad account; paste the AdSense code into your website; and wait for a final review and approval status within 7 working days.

Adsense Approval Trick for Blogger

Below is some adsense approval trick for blogger.

  • Use a unique domain name (.com, .org, .net etc.)
  • Include a contact page, a page about us, and a page about privacy policies on your website.
  • Produce at least 15-20 pieces of high-quality content.
  • Make a clean wordpress design by avoiding the use of copied images and content.
  • Make your blogspot site look professional.
  • You can apply for Google Adsense after completing these assignments. If your application was reject, you could re-submit it. Continue to improve your blogspot website and apply for AdSense.

AdSense Friendly Themes

These are some adsense friendly themes.


Jannah is a Website magazine theme that is perfect for monetizing with Google AdSense.

Jannah is a blogging and magazine theme that should appeal to a broad audience, with 22 Google AdSense optimised website demos from which to choose. Jannah has a pre-built webpage demo that can be shipe into your Wordpress dashboard in just a few clicks, if you’re publishing content regarding sports and travel or health and devices. You can choose between a library of content frameworks each time you submit a new article to make sure it has the right look.

All of the included plugins are also importe along with the demo content, allowing you to start building your website with tools like Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, and the custom-made page builder tool. Jannah also offers a variety of personalization options and features. When creating your website, for example, you can select from a variety of header designs and setups. There are also literally thousands of fonts to select from. The page layout dimensions can be easily tweake to ensure that your site not only looks great, but also generates the most ad revenue from your visitors.

Jannah comes with a long list of features, so take a look to see what this Google AdSense-optimized theme has to provide.

The Fox

The Fox is an AdSense-optimized modern blog and magazine theme.

The Fox was create with you in mind if you really want to monetize your blog or online magazine webpage with AdSense or another ad network. The Fox comes with a variety of demos that make it suitable for a variety of blogs and information sites. Food, travel, fashion, and a variety of other topics are among the topics cover by the demos. There are, nevertheless, a plethora of neutral demos that would be ideal for publishing on almost any subject.

The Fox comes with pre-built subject matter that leans toward the minimalist end of the development spectrum. While there aren’t many brightly colour layouts or flashy motion graphics, you will have direct exposure to a portfolio of clean and modern-looking templates. Changing the colours, deciding different fonts, and adjusting the other characteristics of your website can all be done through the theme controls to give your blog some personality. In fact, The Fox comes with over 1,000 different settings and options to help you personalize your website. The design of The Fox, on the other hand, is likely to appeal if you want a theme that focuses on making your material the biggest feature of your website.

When looking through The Fox’s demos, keep in mind that you can mix and match the person templates from each demo. As a result, if you like some of the layouts in one demo but favour the general style of another, getting to the templates you want shouldn’t be a problem. You can easily customise the demo you select as the founding for your new website because there are numerous header and footer layouts accessible.

The Fox comes with a slew of tools to help you monetize your content, such as the ability to display Google AdSense ads.

Website Adsense Approval Trick

if you are looking for website adsense approval trick. Then these Adsense Approval trick will help you.

1. Custom Domain

A custom domain name, such as Com, Org, or In, should be used. If you have a custom domain name, it will assist you in obtaining Google Adsense as well as traffic to your website.

I’d like to suggest to you.

If you go with this, you’ll have a better chance of getting AdSense approval in the first round, so get the domain name first.

Custom domains aren’t important, but they can help determine whether or not your website is legitimate. And nowadays, it doesn’t make a difference. The only thing that matters is your content; if you have different and high-quality content, you’ll have no trouble getting approval and a lot of traffic.

2. Domain Age

Your domain name ought to be older than 21 days, which translates to more than three weeks. You can also impose after two days, but approval is extremely unlikely. You can apply after 21 days, as according to Google policy. after you’ve had a full 21 days to authorise your account.

You can easily get authorise on your website if you write special and positive content and meet all of the requirements.

3. Don’t Spam

Don’t fill your blog with spammy content. Do things like fake work, cyber-attack content, and spamming content. You won’t be able to get Google AdSense approval in the future, and your account will be banned.

If you created the spammy hackers content on the web, you should remove it and replace it. If you are a beginner, I would advise you not to do so because while you can get traffic to your site by hacking content, you will never get AdSense Approval.

4. Content

Google AdSense will not approve your account if your content is not unique and informative. If you use copyright tricks, Google AdSense will not authorise your account. Don’t copywrite the web pages because you will face copyright violations and possibly suspended your Google AdSense account. Write rich, original, and competent content. This will not only help you with Google AdSense, but it will also help you grow your blog’s viewers.

Best Google Adsense Plugin

These are some Best Google Adsense Plugin.

1. Quick AdSense

You acknowledge the advantages of monetizing your website as a small businessman. Ads on your website help you earn money and cover other expenses.

You may, however, be unaware of the AdSense channel and how to make the most of it. Quick AdSense is a WordPress plugin that makes placing advertisements on your website a breeze.

This helpful tool allows you to place up to three AdSense ads on a page and a total of ten ads. Using the Quicktag Buttons in your visual editor, copy and paste your software into the plugin.

Quick AdSense also has a randomized feature that allows you to try out different ad formats and locations. You will be able to maximize the success of your advertising in this manner.

2. Easy Google AdSense

Easy Google AdSense is a tool that helps you boost the effectiveness of your AdSense ads. This plugin uses technology to determine which ads are appropriate for your site’s content. The programme then suggests the best times to show the ads for visitors’ experience.

“To maximise your AdSense earnings, you must continue to experiment and test different advertisements until you find the best mixture for your website and audience.” According to Alex Chris, a digital advertising consultant and writer, “what work better for other individuals or me may not be the best approach for you.”

The device works with all types of ads, such as text, video, and in-feed ads, and it can help you cut down on redundant systems by checking other ad codes on your site. Easy Google Adsense lives up to its name with an installation time of just a few minutes.

Adsense Mistakes to Avoid

These are some Adsense Mistakes to Avoid.

1. Clicking on own Ads

People who are just starting out believe that the more clicks they get, the more money they will make. To enhance their Google Adsense earnings, most beginner bloggers (who are new to AdSense) begin doing illegal activities on their ads, such as:-

Clicking on their own advertisements

Requesting that their friends or coworkers click on their ads

Clicking on ads with software

This will only make your AdSense account inactive. Google’s AdSense team is brilliant, and they are aware of all of these illegal activities, and if you engage in any of them, you will be banned!

So, if you want to make consistent money from AdSense, stop clicking on your own ads.

2. utilising Violated Niche

If your blog niche or content contains copyrighted items, promotes piracy, or shares internet pornography content, you may receive an Adsense warning, which if ignore will result in your account being banned.

3. Adsense for pop-up windows

Never use AdSense ad code in pop-ups to increase your Google Adsense earnings. Adsense explicitly states that you should not use AdSense code in pop-ups, or your account will be suspended.

4. Using the same name for multiple Adsense accounts

According to the Google Adsense Privacy Policy, a person can only have one Adsense account. If he or she has more than one Adsense account, Google Adsense will suspend both of them.

As a result, never make two Adsense accounts with the same name. On each Adsense account, use different words, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses.

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