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7 Smart Ideas to Add Style and Space To Your Small Bathrooms

People want fancy bedrooms, bright kitchens, and aesthetic living rooms these days. Every room has to match the other room, where it must be eye-catching and creative. There are several changes from the past decades that made people embrace minimalism, environmentally-friendly materials, and clean design lines. Some prefer to hang artistic paintings and DIY home decor. Moreover, the bathroom is not an exception to modern designs, which amuses home guests. 

If you own a small bathroom, you may be thinking about how you can renovate small space. Several tools can help you solve the problem, like a corner bathroom storage for a practical room saver. But, more creative ideas will make your small bathroom stylish and look more prominent. This article listed smart ideas for creating a perfect, modern bathroom. So, read till the end, and choose the best match for your bathroom.

  1. Choose Light Colors to Give a Spacious Look 

The role of colors makes the room lively and more inviting, affecting the mood and appearance of one’s space. That’s why in choosing a color for your bathroom, light colors are the best for it. It gives an illusion of a bigger space, especially the color white, and this noncolor subsides naturally, making the area appear larger. At the same time, light colors like light blue, light green, and soft gray are calming colors that bring a cooling and relaxing effect to your bathrooms. These colors reflect any available light rather than absorbing it.

  • Install Good Lighting 

It is essential to have good lighting in your bathroom to prevent accidents that may happen. Bathrooms do not have much natural light compared to other rooms, so it is necessary to provide bright lights. Also, it is best to have a good lighting source for applying makeup or shaving in the bathroom. Light gives a neat place and is excellent for mirror selfies, bringing out the best of your bathroom. You can also invest in a LED bathroom mirror to enhance the space’s ambiance.

  • Be Creative in Storage to Have More Space

“Less is more” this phrase is very useful in organizing, and it effectively saves space and less clutter. The bathroom is one of the rooms with numerous things to store, including toiletries and personal bathroom stuff. Moreover, bathroom vanities, cabinets, and even toilets can be mounted on the wall rather than the floor, creating more floor space and making your bathroom more straightforward. It is easier to organize and prevent messy, dirty clothes, half-used products, and cluttered bathroom essentials from the ground. Now, you can store numerous bathroom supplies for your family and guests, and it does not look jam-packed.

  • Follow the Same Design on Walls and Floors

This idea not only creates an immersive feel but also creates a much-desired hotel style. You can use marble effect or pale tiles to renovate and format the walls and floors, which will significantly lighten and brighten your bathroom. As a result, it will be a clean-looking, spacious, and sophisticated bathroom.

The unified appearance does not have to end where the walls do. Painting your ceiling the same color as your walls will produce a coherent look throughout the entire space. 

  • Hang Big Mirrors and Reflect an Eye-Catching Design

Bathrooms are more than just a functional and user-friendly environment, it is a place where you can unwind and relax after a long day. 

Mirror gives an illusion of bigger space to your small bathrooms. It is best to consider a whole wall or large mirror instead of hanging a small bathroom mirror above the sink. A large bathroom mirror gives more light, and the bigger your bathroom will look. 

Moreover, your mirror ideally reflects a light source, such as a window or open door. If this isn’t possible, you can place it by reflecting it in a vase of fresh flowers or a lovely ornament. It gives your bathroom an aesthetic look and a more modern style. 

  • Display Less Bathroom Essentials

Sometimes, guests will ask to use your bathroom, and displaying some personal belongings isn’t very comfortable. It is essential to have storage to hide clutter or unnecessary items when not used. Laundry baskets could be messy to look at, and you can store them on shelves with covers underneath the sink. At the same time, you can keep unused products somewhere hidden. The fewer items you display, the larger your bathroom will look, creating a more open space.

It is challenging to store everything, so bathroom shelves and cabinets are essential. These bathroom pieces of furniture have various styles, colors, and forms that can match your desired bathroom design. Indeed, it is versatile and multi-purpose too. You can have storage and decor in a single bathroom piece of furniture.

  • Use a Shower (and Ditch the Bathtub) to Save Space

Showers can improve circulation under the skin, increasing blood flow to your scalp, improving the appearance of your hair, and promoting the “glowing” look of healthy skin. At the same time, a warm bath with water over your chest is helpful if you have a cold or the flu. It can help relieve congestion, break a fever, and relax sore muscles. 

A built-in shower is an ultimate space saver, as it extends the room, appearing to look bigger. It is best to have a walk-in shower in a small bathroom for easy access. It will be an excellent choice, especially when designing or renovating your home. You can place a glass door to divide the shower area from the toilet and sink area. Furthermore, it will look like a hotel-style bathroom, creating a more modern style. Impressive isn’t it!

Concluding Thoughts

Bathrooms are essential in your home, so bathrooms deserve a brand new and bright look! You will catch up with the design trends for achieving an eye-catching bathroom. Impress your family and home guests by trying these fresh bathroom ideas.  

We hope that this article has helped you. Thank you so much for reading, and don’t hesitate to know more on Storables.com by checking them out today.

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